Is The Gp2x F-200 Brighter Than F-100


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Apr 19, 2008
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1. i look some video on youtube, and the gp2x f-200 lcd screen (white model) seem brighter than my gp2x f-100. (black model)

is it real ? Does the f-200 brighter ?

maybe it just my imagination :)

2. i have another question, i cant remember because i sold my gp32 blu a few years ago, i only have a nlu now. Is the gp32 BLU brighter than gp2x f-100 and f-200.

thanks for answer.

i looking to buy a gp32 blu OR gp2x f-100 or wiz . i already have a gp2x f-100 and a gp32 nlu.

I can't say I've ever noticed any real difference between my F100 and F200, but I've never tried them side by side. I'll let you know later, when I get home from work. :)
It depends which F100 and which F200. I did think some of the F200s used the same screen as the later F100s.
Oops! Sorry, after working a very long night shift I completely forgot about this. I'll try to remember tomorrow (I'm at work again). Sorry.
thanks for answers. i just read the later edition of the gp2x f-200 use a brighter screen. but i dont know... how i can be sure the gp2x f-200 i buy will be the later edition. its seem very difficult to know. and i read somewhere that this later edition is not compatible with all homwbrew. so its seem a risk buy. if i cant play picodrive and nes and snes emulator, i will not verry happy.

if you can help me with any of that , thanks
Right, I've managed to take some piccies. These pics aren't 100% reliable, as the actual image on screen between the two GP2X machines isn't as markedly different as the photos would suggest. The F200 colours are perhaps a tad more vivid, but not as much as the photos show.




These photos were just taken quickly and not in the best possible conditions. As for brightness, it appears that the screens are just as bright as each other.