Pyra Learning OpenGL ES 2.0 for Pyra

Ok this might also be the reason why Muppen 64 runs Fullscreen (and i had some issues on my Pyra to let it run because i missd some packages, ), its also OpenGL ^^ , but the Playstation Emulator only in Maximised Window Mode (Which is also at least most of the Screen)..
Mupen uses GLES and EGL. PCSX uses SDL 1.2.

Yes I am working on the port, might take a bit of time as i'm learning as I go ;)
do we just need to swap width and height here in SDL1.2?
line numbers included in the above link, but not very obvious:
and other places where they use DisplayWidth and DisplayHeight. i imagine those are X11 macros, so maybe X11 is reporting the width and height incorrectly (or is reporting them pre-rotation).
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But even whitout OpenGL and SDL , the PCSX Runs quite decend, i think i should activate the FPS Meter of the Emulators, and the Mate System Diagnostic Software (that shows how many ram is used etc), to show how many power they need yet.. ^^
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I've put up an (admittedly pretty bit dry) post on the evils of unnecessary dependencies having just gotten rid of GLM :

The fullscreen problem from before is sorted, it now launches fullscreen on the Pyra. It was because it doesn't launch fullscreen on the Pyra if you just pass in the fullscreen flag to the window creation call, you have to call the function afterwards to explicitly make it fullscreen. Unlike on desktop where it goes fullscreen from just the flag.
Nice, this code builds completely cleanly on my archlinux32 box. It opens a window which is far too big for the screen this machine has, but I can move it around to see what's going on.