Look what YOYO's been up to


Still Fresh
Jun 3, 2003
Very Intresting. Hopfully he'll deliver. He has so far,
NES, GB/GBC, SNES and GBA We can only hope... (and Woneder Swan)

******This is a post taken from GP32news...**********

Another incredible French coder !

yoyofr, but maybe you already know that, is the autor of ljGP32 (Little John).
This program, released in beta 0.1 version, is at the moment a NES emulator. It promess a lot, because after few weeks of work, yoyo make it to run in fullspeed with 2-3 frameskips (without sound) !

But, i said "at the moment", because when yoyo will finish the NES part of ljGP32, he'll implement a GB/GBC emu !
Then, he want to include a GBA emu too, and maybe a SNES emu ! He think he can make its GBA emu in fullspeed with 0 frameskip, in some months.

And, that's not all ! yoyo started a WonderSwan Color emu, based on the OSWan sources, named oswanGP32 ! It run already like WonderBoi32, after few days of work ...
He will concentrate on this emu after the NES part of ljGP32.

Note that the yoyofr's projects are opensource, he'll diffuse these sources when they'll be more ... clean.