Mupen64: Can We Use The Dpad Instead Of The Nub?


Mar 30, 2010

I have tried the search function, and I have tried reading through the threads, but I can't find a simple answer. My search terms have included "Use DPAD as Nub" "Mupen64 controller configuration" and "Mupen64 one nub"

My request for help is: Is it possible to edit the controls configuration file, to replace the NUB with DPAD for directional control? Better yet a configuration so that the longer you hold the direction, the higher the axis extreme would be. (ie nudging the DPAD would be the same as tapping the Analog stick on it's smallest degree of movement. Holding for a second takes you up to full speed.)

I appreciate this won't be perfect, but that's just how we groove in the one Nub club.

If I have missed the correct thread I appologise, If I am posting in the wrong place I appologise. If I have broken forum rules or manners I appologise. I am doing my best to not upset the elder members with this post, and I appreciate that this isn't a forum where Noobs are well recieved, no doubt I will get told "Read the x y or z thread"..... but I love the emulator and it would be really nice if I could get help before my Batch2'er arrives, and I have done my best to research this before asking for help.

So I have taken the chance of posting a thread. I'll take the flaming, if it points me towards a fix!



Still Fresh
Feb 25, 2010
I've gotten it working on my Pandora.

I set the controller plugin to "PPSP Input 2 DPAD" and it works pretty well.

The pnd I'm using is "mupen64plus-r1.pnd", this plugin isn't available in the latest version.