My first impressions of the Pyra

It's not your eyes; a box bounding the two front corners of the Pyra is about 375 pixels wide as rendered on my screen while a box bounding the Pandora's front corners is 330 pixels wide. But it must be some projection I'm not seeing because as Matty showed the units have more or less the same footprint. It does seem slighty nearer the camera but to have that large an effect I suspect there's something else going on.

Then it's probably just some perspective distortion due to the cameral lens and angle of view for taking the photo.
I worked a bit whit the Pyra this evening: I copy the DS Roms from my Pandora SD Card to the Pyra Rom SD Card, also opened some Documents to see how good it’s opened it up, works quite good and after I downloaded Cups whit Synaptic, I’m now are able to print^^
I allready put my USB HDD on, and I was also successful connect my Bluetooth Mouse ..
not working was my try to open C64 SIDs whit Audacity, like I dit on the Pandora:
It would play the Music from the Game, but seems like Audacity needs a special Plugin

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Sounds great, matzesu!

Do you notice much difference in speed or responsiveness with Pyra vs Pandora?
No because I didn’t boot up my Pandora, as but I think I have to test at least some things..

When I was in Firefox whit the Pandora,,it wasn’t even possible to surv because the Popups who made it too slow, but on Pyra it’s quite usable.. only the Display Font Size needs some work because it’s not that easy to read the Text ..

I even tried to watch my Pandora Video on YouTube, but like someone else allready mentioned, it stutters..

Maybe on Weekend might be good to compare Pandora/Pyra

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Thanks for your comments, matzesu.

Understand you didn't boot up Pandora and do direct comparison.

However, I am interested in your perception so far and whether it seems faster or more responsive in noticeable ways.

For example, did it boot up faster?

Does it seem faster to open up programs?

Or open up files when in a program

Etc, etc.
I think this have to wait until tomorrow afternoon, because I was a lot working and testing and installing on the Pyra today, I would say it is noticeable faster in booting than the Pandora, although I have now the savety on where I have to put in my Password, sometimes I didn’t use on the Pandora because the Pandora was for me just a Pocket Emulator Handheld and only a bit Work Computer,
But the Pyra should be my Home Computer, and Pocket Emulator..

I charged It till 70 %, then I worked a bit whit it, and now it’s on charge so I can put it in my Pocket tomorrow when I leave for work..

And I noticed: when I charge and then put the Cable off, the Charging LED shut down, but the Green LID Logo is still on, was this also a known bug in the Current OS?
I made then a mandatory shutdown by pressing the Powerbutton 8seconds..

Send from something, i guess ^^
Ok my Pyra was arrive, unfortunately I made a mistake on the first run wizard and it’s now in English., ^^
Oh and someone may miss now his Serial Number because my Pyra is Number 37 ...
dont forget that there were at least 10 plus davesh prototypes sent out to developers . that could explain the higher serial number than you expected?
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Im now at work and bootet the Pyra up to connect it whit our Work WLAN, and it was faster on the Log In Screen than our Work PC and i had to shut down the Pyra first because i forgot to eject the SD Cards (The Boot Flag will be removed later this day)..

But well, its a Fresh Debian, whit nothing more than a few Basics on them..

I think the Comparasion between Pandora and Pyra might be a good idea, allthough i dint have Games on the Pyra yet, but something like Open a big PDF on Pyra and Pandora might be a good Idea to show what works..

On its Pocketfriendlyness: I have it now in my Side Pocket, its just like the Pandora..
Cool, then i think i will test this when im at home..
Good that i allready put the DS Roms from the 32gb Pandora Apps SD Card to the Pyra Rom Card..

Now whe need some other Nintendo Emulators, at least Gameboy and SNES, ..
not working was my try to open C64 SIDs whit Audacity, like I dit on the Pandora:
Are you sure you used audacity for that? Audacity is a sound editor, could it be you meant Audacious instead?
Otherwise, vlc can also play sid files
Ok, this might be the issue. i will work some more this afternoon whit the Pyra,
But i know i had a Musik Player named Audacity or something on the Pandora..

I even plan German Videos, because this might be a lot easer..
Like I said, it could be that you have mistaken it for Audacious, which is a music player.
Ok i will look at my Pyra when im at home, i have it whit me, but it wouldnd look that good when im now trow my Little Computer ^^..
I still dont know how to set my Pyra Home Office, do whe know how much current the XBOX ONEX USB Port delivers? When its under 3 Ampere i think it should work..