Need Help Deciding!


Still Fresh
Jan 12, 2007
Hi all!

I've been contemplating buying a 2X for a while and I would like to know if someone would be kind enough to answer some questions.

1.)How well does the system handle video, I'd be using it mainly for watching fansubbed anime. When you guys watch d/led video how often do you have to re-encode it to be suitable to watch on your 2X?
2.)How well does video output to a TV?
3.)How is emulation on it? Mainly SNES/MAME/NeoGeo.
4.)Do those emus have support that lets you use usb controllers with the cradle?

Hello there

1. I watch a lot of videos on my 2x, if I have the time I'll reencode. If not the 2x handles it just as well, just means I know I won't get as much battery life.

2. Did when I last hooked it up, playing one of the WonderBoy games on the MegaDrive brought back memories :).

3. I've only really played NES, MegaDrive, Amiga, MAME for any length of time and they've all been very playable.

4. You'd have to check the emu itself for which ones support USB, although I believe MAME does.

Hope that helps.
PicoDrive has USB support AFAIK (Genesis emulator)

Edit: Emulators for the systems you mentioned are very mature and run well.