Neo Geo X

Haven't been here in a minute, but with the release of this gorgeous handheld I just couldn't resist. I would like to start exploring the possibility of hacking this device. It has only been a day & there is already some good information out there by some like-minded folks as well as some decent quality pics of the board.
Point your browser here:!/page87
What has me excited is in the second picture there: solder pads for RX & TX, or serial access. This is how the first dump of the dingoo a320 boot loader was achieved. 
The very next post mentions this:
when I plug the NGX in to my windows 7 laptop, while powered off, it comes up as a removable disk. Total capacity is .99GB (or 1 gig). and 156MB is in use.

Inside is one file, "sys_update_file". I opened it in word expecting the usual gibberish but my notepad stopped responding.
And finally:
this may be of use to someone who is more familiar with Linux. If you hold the start button while plugging the handheld into a pc it comes up as a JZ4770 USB Boot Device.
So, as yet another user mentioned, if the usbtools are available for that CPU it's pretty much a sure thing that we'll be able to get something up and running.
I've very much fallen for this machine, for me it has the perfect combo of features, looks & potential & I'm really excited to see what we can make of it. I'll post more info after I receive my unit & fool around with it a bit in linux
I agree that the neo geo x looks like some great hardware.  It's nice that Tommo didn't seem to try to do anything fancy to try to stop hacking and from the looks of the open hardware almost invited it.  The software is a bit lacking the but the community should be able to patch it up or at least put unibios on it. Very likely that open dingux emulators will be running on it soon too.
I think this and the GCW-Zero (which share the same cpu) have a lot of potential for the open handheld community.
Have you attempted the installing dingux on you NeoGeo X BAFelton or are you just loving your GCW0 too much?