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Oct 25, 2011
Hello everyone,

since I could not find any ´introduction´ thread, I thought to say hello here.
Just got a caanoo last week and have been looking for places to be with it.
Wonderful piece of hardware and I can do some code on it too.

Hope I can do something for the machine and community.
First project is a game. platformer, hope to get it going 4 players.

I have been occasionally working on it for last couple month, development should pick up latter this year but it may take some time to complete. I´m currently trying to raise funds for it so I can work on full time.

It´s going to be out for desktops and I sure wanna make a caanoo port.
I should be running some tests on the caanoo this week as I just got the handheld.
thanks everyone for the hello,

things are in pre-production for main desktops, I should start running some general caanoo tests soon as I wanna make sure the code goes along well compatible.
but it will take a while for anything playable,
thanks again! :)
Oh well, no funding for a bigger project, so it seems I have to start small....ok, it should work anyways.
Here is a pic of the core things going. Nothing mind blasting or deep, just a set o casual pocket games :rolleyes:

ops,cant see how to add attaches here other then something already online somewhere.
pics, will come later.
host in mediafire ;)
how big is the file that you want to charge? :)
kayuz said:
host in mediafire ;)
how big is the file that you want to charge? :)

som 30kb, just jpg screenshot kind of thing.
I don´t quite feel comfortable uploading stuff to general services, or just I´m not used to.

Let me take a look into it...
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oh, mediafire is quite horrible, I got the file there, but if I try display it dosen´t find it.
downloading the pic seems ok.
looots of ads poping out everycorner :(

Got a domain yesterday and working out a page, could host there or on my google pages down the link of my signature.
tried google pages and it semms it works.
that might be better...

if you have a jpeg host at imageschack is free and you have just to copy the photo link and write it here ;)
FOUND :D and hosted in imagescack
EDIT:WOW! it's bautiful, what is it?
It is a simple pocket game.
Single screen stuff score based but with some baddies and bosses.
I hope the online score works out too.

I plan a series of 10 games.
I hope to sell each for a buck for desktops and the likes, but caanoo gets a free ride. :rolleyes:

pad, analog joy and keyboard works great, I´m fine tunning the g-sensor on the caanoo, it´s a bit more work there, specially couse I have to reset it everytime I run a test.

Good you liked, it´s 16bit based hehe

edit: you can see the googlepages link I posted up there right? I hosted the image down my page.
yeah, i see the pic on your site ;)
IT'S VERY wonderful to know that caanoo users can get these littles and nices games for free :D :D
see forward to try them
Thanks for the offer,

I will get a server service soon to have my domain up, should be able to host there.
The google pages link didn´t hold long...