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Just saw that the Switch has a 4310mAh battery. Pretty small. Charge time is 3 hours.

It also cannot be replaced. Nintendo says that if you need to replace the battery, you need to bring it into a Nintendo service center where they will exchange it for a fee.
I'm still using my GBA Micro, which I bought about 12 years ago, and its Batterie still works perfectly..
I don't worry that the Battery in my Switch will fell of during the time I use it..
But 4310 mah is less than on Pyra..
but the Joycons will have 20 hours of battery live..
I ditnt need to Switch, as my Only TV Console I have are PS2 and Mini NES

Have you soft modded your NES Mini yet? I did it for my son, and I also bought two of the My Arcade Wireless Controllers, and now this thing ROCKS! It was OK, before, but now having 80+ games, and not having to get up to reset, it's now pretty damn cool.

Well, I think it is it worth for me, even whit only one game in the first 2 months And I hope Rockstar will make a GTA for it if it's becomes a huge success

I explained this elsewhere today, but there is no chance in hell you'll see any new gen offering from the big guys for this thing. The PC, ONE and PS4 are all kind of similar, so making games across those systems is a given, the NS being what it is, the best you can hope for some mobile ports for some bigger games, or maybe some 2 generation old titles at best.

Rockstar got in to bed with "N" for Chinatown Wars, and it was a HUGE failure for them, as the game was one of the best on the DS, and no one bought it due to being a "M" title. It was later released on PSP and IOS, and did rather well. Most big name games for current gen systems have budgets as high as some Hollywood movies, and even if the NS reached 10 million quick, there is still just to much risk involved for games that will never sale well on "N" hardware. And since they only ever build systems with their own broken ideas for games in mind, no one else is going to bother.

EA announced FIFA, and I promise you that will be their first and last title. It will sale poorly along side the other current gen releases that will have robust online, full voice chat, and are easy to meet with friends or others online. Yes, "N" is stepping their online game up, but it will still have "conditions", and will always be less than Sony/MS. So when it sales poorly, EA will be able to say we tried, but it wasn't worth our time, and we won't be back. The same things everyone did for the Wii U. At least at the Wii U launch, most 3rd parties at least made them some quick ports of the current games of the time, the NS didn't even get that.

I thought "N" had learned their lesson's, and would at least make something where 3rd parties could make games without issues, but here we are again with gimmicks, and expenses that only serve to drive up cost, and things that "N" themselves will hardly ever use. The NS was for sure Iwata's last great contribution, as it has his name written all over it, sadly. Once again, this is a "N" 1st party only machine, and that is great for those who don't mind playing their games only, but for the price, and what you get, this is a really bad joke.

Chinatown Wars was a pretty cool Topdown GTA for the DS and PSP , i enjoyed a lot,
It got also Touchscreen Features on the DS..

I ditnt modded my Mini NES, and i ditnt want to do that..
I mean I have a Pandora, and hopefully soon a Pyra, there Booth have TV Out Options, so I can Play NES Games on my TV as well..
I'm of two minds about the Switch. I think it definitely has more potential than the Wii U, and even the Wii.

However, the market has moved on quite a lot in the time since Nintendo's last success. The positioning of this console is neither at the sweet spot on price, nor with enough killer apps. to justify an impulse purchase.

The lessons of the Gameboy, that battery life can win out against superior hardware has not been learnt here.

Passing up using Nvidia's latest SoC with lower power consumption, and with a pretty small battery capacity for a reportedly heavy device are things which I think will need to be rectified in a new revision. That just makes me want to hold-off for whatever improvement they bring out.

On the positive side: I think the versatility of the console is a good thing. Like that you can quickly play with two people. And the potential for face-to-face interaction is a good one and an innovation. 1-2-Switch should be an in-box game like Wii Sports was.

The pricing on those extra accessories is ridiculously high :/
The market has moved on since the gameboys and the first DS (as your say) with their legendary battery lives. As one of the videos I've watched (a digital foundry zelda one I think) it's got basically the same battery life as the OG 3DS, and while that's not good, it's liveable with I've found.
One interesting tidbit about the IR motion camera, I had read some parts of Nintendo's patents about the technology a while back, and one of them contained an explicit example of the system translating hand movements into a 3-dimensional pointer, complete with grabbing detection. See Fig. 17, 18, 19 in this patent application.

If the Switch hardware does have the necessary hardware requirements for the application of this technology (which appears to be the case judging by this part of the 1-2-Switch gameplay presentation on Nintendo Treehouse), then there might be software where you could "grab into" the screen into the game world to move objects. A bit like Kinect, but, I presume, potentially cheaper to produce (IR camera and image analysis (edit: and distance sensor) instead of time-of-flight camera). Can you imagine the groundbreaking, paradigm-shifting implications that this may have for rearranging furniture in Animal Crossing?
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Yes, the main presentation had a bit that showed it could detect the rock-paper-scissors gestures. You'd have to be using the joysticks detached, or attached to the tablet but the tablet on a table (probably) in portrait orientation to you, given where the sensor is (on the bottom of the right joystick, I think it was).
Chinatown Wars was a pretty cool Topdown GTA for the DS and PSP , i enjoyed a lot,
It got also Touchscreen Features on the DS..

I ditnt modded my Mini NES, and i ditnt want to do that..
I mean I have a Pandora, and hopefully soon a Pyra, there Booth have TV Out Options, so I can Play NES Games on my TV as well..

Yeah, I normally play NES on my Pandora as well, but these games look damn good on an HD TV especially with the Mini's bells and whistles. This is way better than it ever was 30 years ago. LOL

Never heard of it. If it was one of the best games I should check it out.

One of the best DS games around. It can be played other places, as it looks way better on the PSP, but the DS is what it was designed for, so some of the "touch screen" moments work best on the DS. But compared to other versions, can also be kind of small, but sill a great game.

I really wish it would have sold better, as I would have for sure loved to have had a sequel.

FWIW, I did buy the DS GTA on cart back in the day, but didn't really get on with either the setting or the controls. I didn't really give it a fair amount of playtesting before I put it on the back burner and eventually started leaving it out of my main set of carts. But I guess that also says there's plenty more on the DS that I found more immediately rewarding to keep me from going back to it.
May whe ditnt get the original GTA, but there will be Lego City Undercover for the Switch end of April..
just preordered it and the official Pouch for the Handheld ..
I don't know how good this pouch is, I hope it's also have a compartment for Switch Games and Acesorys like these Joycon Wrist Wrap Addons..
Hopefully it's better than the official case I bought with my 3DS back when that launched. To say it didn't fit is something of an understatement - it's currently a home for my original fat DS.
Well now that it has been formally introduced , my view on the Switch is no different. It is a very powerful portable console that will replace the DS line . With the included dock it is also hoping to sway enough people into using it as a home console.

For devs, because it will sell in enough numbers even if viewed as a portable alone, there will be enough of a market to make it worth them developing for it. It gives console game makers access to the portable market. It also gives people the plus of having "console level games" on a portable

The added beauty of all this is that Nintendo's game library will no longer be split in two.

Some rough numbers.

Two successful consoles from last gen were the Xbox 360 and PS3. They both sold around 80 million units each from 2005/6 - 2016. The 3DS sold 62 million units from just 2011 - 2016 . The portable market is huge
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I am certainly intrigued by the Switch, although I will admit that it is a system of compromises. It's still a bit underpowered for a home console compared to its competition and it's rather large for a portable handheld. Plus battery life isn't great. But it certainly fills a gap that I had hoped Sony would address with the PS Vita. I'm torn on how I feel about it.

The biggest question will be games and support. If third parties don't or can't bring their AAA titles to it like they do the PS4 and Xbox One, then it's not going to do very well. It may be more successful that the Wii U, but Nintendo can't keep going it alone and it knows it. At least Nintendo picked a Tegra X1 SoC for it that can run the Unreal Engine 4 and has Nvidia to help optimize for the chip. That alone should boost compatibility with the system. Although I haven't heard if EA has Frostbite (or Frostbite Go) running on a Tegra SoC yet. But if they are planning to port the engine to iOS and Android devices, then the Switch should also become an option.

I will probably give it a year before deciding whether I need one or not. I want Zelda: Breath of the Wild, but I already have a Wii U that I can get it for. For that matter, I already have Mario Kart 8 as well. And my New 3DS (I really hate that naming scheme), Vita, and GPD Win will handle portable gaming just fine. Xenoblade Chronicles 2 does interest me quite a bit and I practically bought the Wii U so that I could play Xenoblade Chronicles X on it. So I might consider it later for that. Although it probably makes more sense to wait for the first hardware revision to improve battery life and perhaps portability. Plus I want to see if Sony counters this by reviving what they started with the Vita or something more interesting.
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I don't know. Personally I don't find the switch enticing as either a mobile or set top console. As a mobile console it's too big, the 3ds is a much better solution. As a home console its far too weird and not high performance enough. I'm not sure where a device like the switch would fit into my life.

That being said the new Mario game looks like a lot of fun.