No Shave November?


Aug 4, 2012
I'm not sure if everyone heard of this tradition before, so let me explain what it is.

No shave November is a month where you do not shave any part of your body. That means girls, leave them legs hairy and guys no grow out that stache and beard like it's no one else's business. By default, I haven't had much facial hair(although I'm 23), so I'm excited to attend this month long tradition.

Are you?

I have not shaved since last month.

Need some nice beard again.
I never heard about this, but it may be a good idea,

giving those trichotillomaniac modern people some experience with naturalness.
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Did Movember last year - by the end I wanted to rip my own face off! This year I'm just going to donate the same amount as I raised last year, and enjoy a smooth chin all month...
I thought the meaning of the Movember month was growing a Moustache? Since when did it became Don't shave... and if so, why not call it Dovember then? 
I haven't shaved in about five years.  Nobody doubts my Unix skills anymore.
sigged.... why is it that computer gurus tend to look like actual hermit gurus? just look at richard stallman or eben moglen. 
We call it "vinter" here in Norway. Stopped at the airport-beard is doing it wrong.

To illustrate the difference:

To the left, "step right this way sir." To the right, "you come with us."

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sigh, i forgot to shave my privates last month too, guess hes getting some braids. im okay with going shaveless for a month. are we supposed to do something with the first shave of december?
@xnopasaranx It is all about efficiency and optimization. Just imagine how much time I save!

Though the same attitude drives me mad on crowded sidewalks. Optimal pathing is hard.