[One Nub] Xbox 360 Wired Gamepad For Mupen64?


Mar 30, 2010

I have been LOVING my pandora the past month. I went for a "One nub" unit, and I believe the reason this unit failed QC was because:

- The left nub sometimes is "Slow" (maybe once in 20 reboots) but after moving it about it is completely fine.
- The left nub is sometimes a bit too sensitive. from 0 to 100mph in a mm.

Using Mupen64/mario64 I changed the controller values from 0.00000 to 0.10000 and this helps greatly, but I still find it a tad hard to aim the cannon, when compared to my Mario64 & N64 controller, or my Wii dowload and classic controller.

On the desktop I can move my mouse with pixel precision, but in Mupen it is just a tiny bit twitchy.

Therefore I wonder if I could use a gamepad with the pandora instead?

I have the following pads available:

1.) USB to N64 apater and orginal N64 stick (http://www.jandaman.com/games.mvc?p=n64psxusb&Category_code=PC)
2.) Xbox 360 Wired pad
3.) PS3 controller with Bluetooth.

How can I connect these, and how would i configure Mupen to use them?

I am not sure if my issue is because I have a failed nub, as the thing seems to work so well, 100% better than my PSP nub, but I wonder if people with perfect nubs also find cannon aiming just a tad twitchy? After using the 0.10000 setting I can now get mario to creep/walk/run nicely, but thought it would be fun to try the original N64 pad! Combined with TV out, I would find this superior to my Wii classic controller.

Any help appreciated.

PS, Did I say how amzing the unit is! WOW! Congrats to the OP team.