GP2X Opengl Es?


Still Fresh
Jun 6, 2006
Well, I've been looking at this project, and despite the topic that says "the pitiful state of the gp2x" i'm very interested in doing some development for it. But I noticed something was missing (I admit I didnt look too terribly hard) OpenGL ES. It seems that this is not supported? Is there any effort to get a working version of OpenGL ES up on the GP2x? It doesnt even have to be the full specification, it could be a stripped down version of it. But I really think that a 3d API's existance would radically encourage development (it would definitely get you a news entry on and not only that, the existance of more 3d games for the GP2x would of course, encourage more end users, because everyone loves "flashy" 3d graphics.

so i guess my question is if there is an implementation of OpenGL ES in the works or in existance.