OpenPandora Classic with case and extra battery for sale.

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Nov 24, 2014
Los Angeles
I'm sorry that I don't know much about this item.  I won it at a fundraiser several years ago but have read the Wiki to make sure I knew which version I had.  It sounds like a pretty cool item and I always meant to learn to use it but never found the time.

It needs a good home.  :)   You can find the listing on ebay here:

The game has less than 24 hours use.  I have not reset because I never really did anything with it.  It includes everything pictured.
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Yup, I didn't read far enough.  I only put the image.  I will re-take and update photo.  Thanks.
I'm personally wary of eBay auctions, but I'm bidding on it. (had to fix a bid since something happened where I was bidding against myself and it constantly said  I was outbid...Fixed it now.. got my bids retracted (hope that doesn't hurt my account), but i'm bidding on it. If anybody wants it more then me I'll tell you my max and then you can go from there.
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