Origin Stories (of your alias/moniker/pseudonym)

Mine comes from a long line of nicknames my brothers gave me, it evolved over the years and ended up as "El Poco". Actually it was "Poc", but "Poco" was less abrupt. And with one of my brothers we used to play the demo of Big Red Racing in split screen mode and we made our own game mode where one player tried to compete the race while the other tried to crash his car. So my brother would hide in ambush somewhere along the track and try to ram me as I passed by. During one such a pursuit he exclaimed: "that's the great bandit El Poco" and I think that was the first time "El Poco" was used. It then became my handle in video games and in video games related internet activities. I use other aliases for other circles.

As for my avatar, it's from the cover of the French edition of the Blade Runner 2 (or 3?) book. The book in itself isn't that great (though it has interesting ideas and concepts) but I liked the picture. It's probably from Benjamin Carré, an outstanding illustrator.
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Hmm mine was originally Hollliecaust, but since I live in germany.. that is not really a nick that is quite..hmm decent. Since I gained a lot of weight I changed it to Holliefant.
The first one was because I am dutch and often wreak havoc... but I am old and fat now.. so Holliefant is better :D
(I say it like "ride" with g, as in go, before the d)..

Now I know, I was reading it in my head pronounced like "Rigged" as in setup, or "RigiD" as in solid.
Sometimes thought might've been like "rid" with a silent y and g/ :)

Mine is nothing more than a choice game I liked, it isn't even my all time favourite, I think I would've tried 'Strider' first, perhaps that was taken though back in the gp32x forums when I first registered?
It is a game I like though, and seemed to fit the forums here as was retro game related - although I know not strictly, but I came for the retro games/emulators side of things.
My avatar changes sometimes, typically just to suit the F-Zero game, made this current little anim gif just because I thought would look nice and not too seizure inducing for others to have to view :)
Hi all !

I used to grow a beard (or a goatee if you prefer) when I was younger. That goatee was believed to have magical powers, especially with women... ;) :p

And since my first name is Sam, my nickname logically became Magic Sam :)

I'm playing Quake-like games as -=[T0><!K]=- though...

Cheers, Magic Sam
I use to be called PurpleLink because my profile picture was of the violet link from 4 sword. However I changed it to Animated freak because I loooove animated movies and animation in general.
I can't remember the exact dates but it was around last year when I tried out WildStar (A kind of sci-fi MMORPG that went F2P last year, I think) after I had stopped playing it sometime before that.
Both the first name (Drezrek) and last name (Hellscaler) that I use online was auto-generated using the in-game "suggestion" thingy that the game has when naming a new character at the last stage of the character creation screen.
And it kind of stuck since it's close to my old alias, also easier to pronounce.

The dragon character? What I did was that I blended two different characters together (Base character was my WildStar character with the head of an anime character's that I very roughly "blended" together in Photoshop) and then spent ~6 months working with different artists to tweak and change stuff around.
It's been a lot of fun, currently looking at having the final version of the character reference sheet done sometime this week or next.

Looking at concentrating purely on music after getting back that refsheet, but hope this all made sense to someone out there! x3
Hi everyone! Greatly enjoyed reading your stories (especially rygD's since I had no idea what his nickname meant).
I picked my nickname at the age of 8 maybe, when StarCraft was my favouritest of games. Lurker is a sneaky little Zerg unit. I added the "citizen" bit because I think "Lurker" was already taken here on Pandora forums...
My avatar is a moody gargoyle called Goodscrafter from Ultima 6. It think it looks pretty cool and conveys my attitude towards those who disagree with me on forums, haha. (and also my general opinion on the future of mankind and everything).

Hmm, well my avatar and nickname are layered in gaming history and my Australian roots[1]. Relax and kick back while I regale you with my story...

My full name is Paul Dunn. When I was younger I was absolutely addicted to what was quite possibly the most sublime of platforming experiences, the game Jet Set Willy on the Sinclair ZX Spectrum. My nickname at school was Dunny, hence ZXDunny. In Australia, the slang for a toilet is a "Dunny" and the avatar is the toilet from the game Jet Set Willy. Honestly, my avatar couldn't be any more meta to be honest.

So there you go, and thanks for listening!

[1] I am not in any way, shape or form Australian. I just added that to misdirect you.
It's hard to top ol' ToiletHead, but I'll try.

It's a long story ya see. I like pancakes. Okay, it's a short(stack)story.

Alright, I'll do better. There was this dark and stormy night that might've been foggy as well. Me and my gal were driving through Elfen Forest. We heard a scream and I slowed down. It turned out to be me that was screaming, which is weird because I'm normally much braver in my own stories. Anyway, it was dark and we finally ran out of gas. I had planned to run out of gas, but not in the middle of this spooky place. I was planning to run out of gas with a full erection. It's hard to be excited when you're about to die.

So I got out of the car and immediately ran into the woods, yelling "save me, I'm a good boy"! Then I pointed to the car and yelled "take the girl, she means nothing to me!" I ran 1.5 miles to the nearest Denny's and I ate every pancake that night like it would be my last one. I gained 25 pounds in one sitting, but I lost a girlfriend and my dignity, so it evened out perfectly.
zombie movies -> prion disease symptoms -> kuru is some cannibalistic indigenous people's word for the disease
Reminds me that I've long wanted to change it.
dare i ask the Evil Dragon?

I think I answered that a few years already... but I can tell you again.

It happened when I was in 8th grade of school (so about 14 years old).

A friend of me started to draw dragons with pencils. Really awesome, mean looking ones.
As I was more the comic guy than the realistic style guy, I started to draw my own dragons (the one you know from the DragonBox shop logo).
For some reason, girls loved that dragon back then, so I made christmas and birthday cards, drew them on folders, etc.
I think up until today I drew a couple of thousand dragons :D

Well, that's where the dragon came from.

The Evil came to life in religion class :D
We learned about various cults, including the totally insane ones who see Satan in almost everything.
You know, the ones who claim that rock music is satanic and has hidden messages when being played backwards.

I listened to rock music (still do) like Queen, etc. back then, so I knew I HAD to be satanic and evil :D
As I usually am the complete opposite of evil, I found it funny - thus, my nickname EvilDragon was born :)
I was about 16, and with so many people with the word Fox in their nickname, i figured Foxgod would be a nice one that stands out, and stands above all Fox nicknames :p
Mine comes from the fact that Capcom CPS arcade boards have a battery that is needed to ensure the roms encryption can be decrypted. If the battery fails the board becomes useless, so they call them suicide batteries.

Some of my all time fave games are on CPS hardware and I was so shocked to think of an arcade game that would kill itself if the battery wasnt replaced (or pheonixed).

So from then on I used CapcomSuicide as a tribute to all the CPS boards that passed away!
Mine comes from the fact that Capcom CPS arcade boards have a battery that is needed to ensure the roms encryption can be decrypted. If the battery fails the board becomes useless, so they call them suicide batteries.

Yep. My Pang suffers from that. I need to flash unencrypted ROMs at some time.
Nothing too exited hear;
In German Speaking Country s, "Matze" is a short form for "Matthias" also I was called this a lot at Boyscouts
So i decide to use this for my Internet Nickname, but as "Matze" doesn't work alone I just put first 2 Letters of my Familiename "Sutor" on it..
That's the origin of "Matzesu"
Boring, but it works..