Passed the certification!


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Mar 4, 2003
Well, this post is bit late, since CE / FCC-Testing and certification happened early August, but as we were attending the GamesCom again this year, I had my hands full with preparation and - of course - working at the show myself.

I'm happy to report that the Pyra passed both CE and FCC with flying colors :)
If you're interested in the results, you can see the document attached to this thread.

So yep, no more shielding needed, one more important step towards mass production.

Speaking of mass production: Even though I was at the Gamescom, testing of the new PCBs has progressed (albeit slowly).
Thanks to the help of Nikolaus and aTc, I was able to boot a first version of our OS on the new units (the old version wasn't compatible with it).
While I didn't find the time to do a longer test-run on them yet, the PCBs seem to be working fine now (so not as many failures as last time), which means the production has really improved - good enough for mass production!

I'm working on a burn-in test now (they need to be able to run without any crashes for 5 hours at least)... well, and that should be it.
It would mean we could place the order... and wait for everything to arrive so that the mass production can finally happen.

BTW: I had a lot of different devices with me at the Gamescom (Gemini, GPD Win 2, GPD Pocket, Pyra).
While most visitors were impressed that the GPD Win 2 can run Gamecube games, the keyboard most of them preferred was Pyras'.

So yes, it has certainly turned out very well.
The keymats have been ordered, the lead time is 12 weeks though (but hopefully they will arrive a bit faster).

The burn-in-test will be the final thing... after that, everything has been ordered and then it's just a matter of time until mass production starts.


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Thanks a lot for the news update with the test details!

What is the current status of the prototype and developers units? Can all of them be already manufactured with the available parts? Are any adjustment of the production process needed for the mass production?

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But the keymats have already been ordered sometime earlier this month. You know what that means...!

2 Months ️ - where back in business..

Oddly I had a dream about the Pyra this night:
It was black, some of the Firmware Features didn’t work at the time like hibernation (sleep mode) whyle close the lid,
I played a game I can’t remember but I wanted to put my Pandora SD Card in but don’t found it

And today there is new Pyra News..
lol, I just read the whole image numbers thread, and when i was done it was 1 the next day, and we have more news. yay! I hope I can preorder soon. Thanks for the update.
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While most visitors were impressed that the GPD Win 2 can run Gamecube games, the keyboard most of them preferred was Pyras'.
Keyboard threads? That makes them totally worth it IMHO.

Congratulations on passing the CE & FCC testing!
but don't taser my pyra!
then again it comes handy when you're in a critical mass-riot-situation and police forces just need to taser around randomly.
survivors? yes... one pyra. ;)