PCSX ReARMed r23 (2022-03-14) : Added CHD disk image support + more


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Oct 6, 2008
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Changes in r23:
* many fixes from various contributors on github and from the libretro fork
* dynarec related slowdowns have been greatly reduced
* many dynarec bug fixes
+ added chd disk image support

Note: I'm not the author, just a user of it. But I though I announce it here too.
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I replaced BIN/CUE and IMG sets with CHD sets. First observations:
  1. ROMs still launch.
  2. Saved system-states from the same ROM (which previously existed in another format) still load fine. Great, the abstraction seems to work fine! To the emulated machine it's the same RAM content (from the same state file) and the same ROM disk (not from CHD instead of BIN/CUE). Nevertheless amazing to see that this worked so frictionless!
  3. Other than that no testing/experiences. Further observations welcome!