Potential for Windows ME or XP?


Nov 29, 2012
Yes, I know this is quite am ambitious proposal. I'm no real programmer and  I've never owned a Pandora, much less seen one in person. But with performance being more than doubled, and emulation of an i286 being more than doable on a Pandora, couldn't we have the Pyra hypothetically run Windows XP? It might even support Bluetooth and Wifi.
It will run with Qemu.

Can't tell about the speed, but it should be fast enough for normal use (no big 3d games).
I actually couldn't get WinXP or even 2000 to install with any supported cpu setting(some seem to just not work) on the Pandora.
Installing it with your favorite PC Qemu version worked, but then I couldn't get that to start on the Pandi either.
I booted XP. It took about 10 minutes on my CC pandora.

I wouldn't hope for XP. With the level of performance Qemu tends to give in emulation mode, the overhead of the OS gets quite significant beyond 98. I'd only go higher for vastly better drivers.
It was years ago.

Maybe look at the wiki, there's plenty of tips over there.
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 couldn't we have the Pyra hypothetically run Windows XP? It might even support Bluetooth and Wifi.
Just for curiosity: Is this just for the sake of "Is it possible?" or do you have something special in mind to ask?

(Honestly I can't think of a reason. Well maybe thats because I'm a GNU/Linux extremist somehow..)
I am no windows gamer, but QEMU should go fine with a bit of overclock and swapspace.
As for linux gaming (x86 only), you can use qemu-x86_64 (not qemu-system-x86_64 as with full emulation) to emulate a specific binary.
wonder if windows PE (bartPE) would offer any significant performance improvements due to it's lighter weight and mobile centric focus (thumb drives/live cd) ? I haven't ever tried to play games in it though.
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Is anyone nostalgic about Windows ME?

Well my fantastic video of Half-life with opengl and wine running not so well.

It does play skifree like a champ.
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Not really. There is a separate installable subsystem from microsoft that they've scrapped, but base windows only have the very bare minimum required by the C standard.