Psp Killing Gp32 Homebrew Scene ?


Rectum? Damn near killed ''em!
Apr 20, 2005
Ohio, US
KickinWing posted on May 31 2005 at 02:17 PM said:
1.5 firmware will more than likely eventually be cracked, any updates will more than likely also be cracked. I just wonder why they try to delay the inevetible, just let it be cracked and forget about it.

Another point, is that future PSP games are going to require you to upgrade your firmware. So later in the future, GT4 may require 1.8v FW. This means you will have to choose between homebrew/emulators and actually using your PSP for it's intended purpose. I'm guessing Sony can pump out new FW faster than it can be cracked AND have all the emulators updated to reflect the new change.
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