Release Qemu for Pandora (for rebirth competition)

maybe "One Must Fall 2097" would be a nice addition for the "ready to play" images list
at least under MS-DOS it was nearly hassle free to run it full speed with sound. Maybe you could also configure the controls to dpad + action buttons.

one other candidate would be Halloween Harry / Alien Carnage
Any luck on getting a game like Age of the empires to work? Love that game

Looked through a couple pages but didn't see anything

I believe it can be played under Dos and or 95, 98 2000 ,xp
There should be a video of it running on win95 without sound, it is really good. But with sound it is still playable.

You need to have the fullversion and run it at 640x480 though.
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Bummer the touch screen drivers dont work in dos. I thought freeDOS had some USB support. Anyway, I want to try running dos games under 98 with the touchscreen drivers at some point, just not able to find time right now. Thanks for trying them anyway.

EDIT: What about bios settings for usb legacy support?
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I've tried the newest version of freedos packaged up(the English version), but it hangs in mid boot...

I still have trouble to understand qemu. It only works with images and a limited shared folder but it seems to be possible to change data like drivers or config files. Do this stuff goes into this shared folder or does qemu can change all this also within the images? And when I put in a CD ISO file and want to install this stuff over qemu, what happens then? For example installing a Game from CD does not generat a Qemu image but it needs to be installed. Does this mean after installing the Program, it has to be converted to a qemu image?
Qemu just takes care of the hardware side of things (just like vmware, virtualbox or virtualpc) in opposition to dosbox which provides the emulated hardware as also the emulated operating system.

So you have to first make an image and install an operating system to it - or you just use one of the prepared images ingoreis has made.

The path to this image is what comes into the "Load image" textbox. if you want to have a cd image mounted put the path to it in "Load iso" textbox. After launching it, you have to navigate to the emulated cd drive and install the game.
I've tried the newest version of freedos packaged up(the English version), but it hangs in mid boot...

Hi read this and i tried it directly after on my Pandora again and it work without Problems.

Maybe you should Download this again,maybe a download Error or so.

When not,write plz when it hang,maybe your Univbe has found Errors,then delete in the Directory Univbe the File hang.log and it must works.

That can happen when you close the Qemu Window in the wrong Moment while booting.

the easyiest way is to download the Image again :)
Hi guys, when boot into DOS (tried DRDOS and MSDOS) I have problem with keyboard.

Some Fn keys do not work.

I cannot write ?:#$" ... but can write / \ ;'-+ ...

when i switch to monitor console these keys works OK.

Do you have some solutions for this?

thanx in advance
Here a Video from Today with ReactOS and working Touchscreen.

Dont forget to enable Touchscreen Support before starting the Image with

-usb -usbdevice tablet

in addidional Parameters.Enjoy the Video with full working Touchscreen

(The Diablo Sharewaredemo isnt working yet under Reactos)
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Thanks for the steady stream of Video

I'm going to mess around with this later tonight and see if I can't get AOE I or II working under 95

Will post some pics/videos if I do

Thanks again guys!