Questions About Uae4All


Still Fresh
Jan 9, 2010
ok, i was thinking abouyt trying out some amiga games, I have read a bit of info but still have some doubts:

1) what files are needed? I read abou a "kickstart 1.3 (512kb)" and an "adf" for saving, other than the roms, correct? how does saving work?

2) is the wiki's compatibility list still accurate ( for the games that used to run on the gp2x I guess no overclock is needed on the wiz (I don't like to overclock it).

3) how does the emulator manage the different input methods? do games needing the mouse work (I read the touchscreen doesn't work well)? what about the keyboard?

I would be most interested in games like defender of the crown, lemmings 1 and 2, pirates!, space hulk, syndicate, essentially those that can't be played elsewhere or don't have great conversions (actually I did find dotc for gba).

thanks in advance.
kickstart and the adf are all you need to play games... you need a blank, formatted ADF for savegames

the menu button toggles between control modes - joystick, mouse, keyboard/mouse

when you are in joystick mode, the right shoulder button brings up a keyboard, you navigate it with the left dpad

i just played a bit of pirates and saved my progress with blank ADF disk. you have to hop out to the uae menu and insert the disk in df0

you can overclock, too, if you need the extra speed- i usually overclock my wiz to 700mhz in everything

I've another question : is it possible to do a "save state" with this emu ? I didn't find how to do it.