Screwd Up Gp?


Dec 22, 2002
IT all began a few month ago.
My stick became loose, so i decided to apply the paper fix.
But as dumb as i was, i removed a cable from the flu by opening the case too fast.
And i had 0 soldiering skill...
So my GP was laying around for a few weeks until i knew how to soldier it.
My GP works again, but it cant read SMCs anymore???
I put my SMC in and it says that no SMC is inserted or no game exists.
In the time i didnt use my GP i used the SMC as normal data storage and deleted the GP specific folders.
I also tried it with the PC link software, but when i start it and connect the GP properly it say "an error occured in GP during process".
I already tried to reinstall the driver and also tried a different PC, but it was always the same.
I tried to create the folders by hand, but it is always the same.
And Windows XP is displaying, that the SMC has FAT format.

Is my GP screwed up now, or is there a chance that it is still alive?

Im using the newest official FW and no errors on SMC are detected.

Another Edit: YEEESSS! By using the modified mkdosfs programm i brought the smc to work! I forgot that Windoze XP is too dumb to format a SMC proper :D
I tried gpdrive, and Windoze tells me that the drive is not formated.
Is it possible that my GP cable is broken?
I think it's possible that you disturbed the SMC contacts inside the GP when you opened it. Check those first.
You soldered the Flu cable back to the place you thought it should be, yes?
Now give this a shot: Disconnect it again, switch the FLU off, and try to use your GP as normal. Does it work now? If yes, you should watch out for soldering errors and try to reassemble it again. If not, check if you may have changed anything during the soldering of the FLU cable, like disconnecting a connection, or maybe you have used too much tin- solder and created a "bridge" between some contacts that shouldn´t be. Or you could have destroyed a diode by accidentally touching it with your soldering iron...
If you get it running again, consider doing the ultimate Ministick Fix (linked in my sig). Your GP32 does deserve it and the paper fix doesn´t work great...
However if you don´t get it running again you might consider selling it to me, i could use it...
I don't think thats it. Look at the edit. He said he got the SMC to be readable by the GP32, but he could only copy software by a card reader.
Yes. my GP and SMC works again, but my Link cable seemms to be broken.
PC-Link and GPdrive doenst work.