Jun 23, 2006
United Kingdom
I'm a tad frustrated as a I recently bought a GP2X for the second time (first one I sold years back) which came in the post today and for the time being it is nothing but a brick. It's running 2.11 I think, and upon connecting it to my computer (Windows 7) via USB nothing happened. I figured I'd have to wait until I can get a USB card reader.

I remembered that my printer has a card slot, so I accessed the card on my computer via that and added Beats of Rage and a couple of other things. Popped it back into the GP2X. Nothing. The card is an 8GB SDHC. I figured that since it's a later firmware version it would support SDHC, but it seems not. Looking online it seems there were later firmware additions yet. Please tell me at least the later firmware supports SDHC. So, it seems for now, unless I can find some old dusty 128MB SD card somewhere or buy a low-capacity one, I'm screwed.
I don't think any of the official firmwares support SDHC but you can install Open2x which is a community-created firmware which, I believe, does support such things.
Actually, after doing further research it seems the latest firmware does support SDHC, but until I can find a cheapo SD card I guess I'm stuck without anything. Thanks though.
Found an old dusty SD card that's 32MB and extracted Open2X—or tried to rather. It's something like 33MB.

Hm, maybe you could try this firmware hack with experimental sdhc support. It should fit as it's only a small .img and not full firmware (you should already have that installed before doing this patch)
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Thanks for your help, but I since resolved this. Purchased a 2GB card from a store and used that. Should have updated the thread. Cheers.
A 2GB sandisk is a great card for GP2X. I got a 32GB sdhc card to work in my old gp2x.

I installed open2x. I didn't have touch screen support, then I flashed back to standard firmware THEN back to open2x and had full touch support and it was flawless!

Open2X is the best firmware for these little devices.. Would be great on a wiz (if it has not been ported already).