Selling 2 Gp32 Consoles ...


Island Man with Pandora in my pocket
Feb 15, 2003
I have 2 original GamePark GP32's (one is a BLU unit the other is not) I would like to sell. I have the cable for one of them. Tons of commercial and other games to go along with them all on 128 MB Smart Cards (6-7 of them). After years of good use with the non Blu unit and barely any use with the BLU unit. Neither of them will turn on for me. The Light goes on, and nothing else. Batteries are always fresh I NOW Do not have a computer that is compatible that will reflash the GP32 system for me. SO They are sitting in the protective cases, games and all without use.
PM me if you would like to make an offer please.
I really don't want them to be sitting around without being used. I KNOW someone can fix them. Its highly unlikely that BOTH systems are non functional. Let me know.
What games, are they just homebrew or ones you bought off of joygp or commercial smc's (aka locked to the units, or SMC copies of official games)? Do they come with extra smc's and etc. Plus, are they completely non-functional? (does the BLU's backlight turn on, is it a BLU or BLU+)