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Aug 30, 2004
Maastricht (the Netherlands)
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*** SOLD ***

Hey guys,

Actually managed to get into my over a decade old account here :D
Anyway... I bought this Pandora classic in august 2016 when it appeared in the dragonbox shop, thinking to relive the glory days of trying lots of stuff on the GP32 BLU I used to have, but as it turned out I just don't enjoy tinkering with a device like this as much as I used to. I basically only put a few emulators on and played a little bit of Castlevania (forgot which)... and then it ended up in a drawer.
So, wanted to see if someone wanted to take it off my hands.

It's barely used so in good condition. It does have a scratch on the back unfortunately (seems to be very easily scratched when setting it down?), other than that it's pretty much new.

Offer includes:
Pandora classic edition with stylus
official carry case and dust wipe
original charger with all the different plugs
original TV out cable
32 GB SD card (class 10 emtec 85 MB/s, as bundled in the megapack by dragonbox)
battery case
quickstart guide

I don't know if I still have the extra styluses, I'll check, but won't hold my breath...

Asking price is €160, will mail anywhere as long as you're willing to pay the postage.
And just in case anyone near my physical location is interested, I live in Maastricht, the Netherlands.

I'm not sure how to add photos here, but check my listing on tweakers.net: https://tweakers.net/aanbod/1386345/pandora-classic-mini-linux-pc.html
Page is in Dutch, but just click the photos. Username is the same as mine here, if there's any doubt about that being my listing.
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