[solved] Oh good, I have a problem....finally.


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Mar 29, 2013
San Diego, California, USA
Let's discuss...no seriously, me and my Pandora have been very happy, but until recently it's grown distant.  I'm not sure what's going on but now it's "start menu button" is no longer visible.  Someone suggested to reflash, but I left my trenchcoat in the closet.
Excuse the loose language but I don't have Pandora in front of me to check specific names/terms but this problem has happened to me on occassion..

Right-click the taskbar/panel.

Add Widget/MenuItem

Select XFCE Menu

You can edit the item back to the Pandora logo png.

This avoid having to reflash :)
right-click with a stylus (with the default configuration AFAIK): hold the start/alt-button and touch the screen.
OoooHHHHHh!  I need a reflash,,,and mah woman left meeEEE, she toook mah SD card full of my porn and retro games!

She was my Mrs Pac Mac Man , but I still thought that she'd stop eating at that muuuuuch....and she always told me to fill out mah will.

(Dog howls)

I could go on for hours, and probably Binky or Wally will shovel this all into a nice receptacle - which is just fine with me.

I'd sure like to know HOW to refash a unit.  It doesn't involve nudity, does it?
hi franko,

go here http://boards.openpandora.org/index.php/topic/94-tips-tricks-and-tweaks/

look for the OS section and the link to 'how to get my pandora menu button back if it disappears' and follow the advice therein contained, which mirrors mcobits rough advice above. 

For some reason on my kindle HD (boo hiss) its now linking to this instead though :(  


no need to reflash or any indecent exposure to your beloved pandora :)
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Hey, thanks guys!  That direction (to the link) gave me the info that I needed.  That Prometheus is/was such a cool chick.  Hopefully she'll be back someday, gracing us with her presence...she's still "teaching" anyway.   :)


I guess that I can't post pictures - no idea what that's about, but oh well.  It's not important...thank you Prometheus, wherever you are.  

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Can we call this case "closed"?  Where's a Moderator?...(Wally shows up and bashes me over the head with a Fosters bottle)...uggghhhhgurgleee.....
Fosters comes in Bottles? I've only seen it in large metal cans.