Sore thumbs

Eight Bit

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Nov 16, 2008
Amsterdam, Netherlands
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Hi, just want to mention that, after some prolonged Duckstation action, my thumbs are sore because of the sharp edges of the face buttons and the cross shaped bezel on the dpad which is a little to high imo.
Maybe in some future mould itteration it can be changed? I think for now I'm going to sand them down a little...

Duckstation is awesome btw, the psx games look great on the Pyra screen and it runs better than PCSX ReArmed in regards to input lag (hence my parappa the rapper test)
I only ever had sore thumbs* after swapping between N64 playing F-Zero and various games including from memory Final Fantasy VII on the PS1.

* That was more about the muscles supplying the thumb's motion. The orientation of the N64 pad is so different to the PS1 pad that my hand had difficult supplying motion to both, resulting in pain and discomfort. This sounds more like the surface skin is scratched by the surface it's going on, and that can be quite painful yes, but at least quicker to heal.
I ditnt played that much on the Pyra to get issues whit the fingers yet, the Only Injury i got from the Pyra was when i had it in my Pocket when i fell from my E-Bike, but unless the next Case Batches gets a realy soft coating, this is something every Pyra makes....
Wenn i waited on the Emergency Room for the Diagnosis, that was quite long, i ditnt had the Pyra whit me, my Dad took it to get a bit Pressure away from that leg..
It wasn't cramped hands so much, more the sharp edges of the buttons that bothered me so much that I had to take a break.

It might have been to aggressive button bashing in streetfighter and mortal kombat too though.