Release SoulFu


Serial Porter
Aug 15, 2012
France, near Lyon
Here is Secret of Ultimate Legendary Fantasy Unleashed, or SoulFu.

The game is pre-configured for the Pandora (so minimum details and keymap for Pandora), but everything can be configured in-game. Gigahertz model can use all details, but it's a bit slow.

All the sources are inside the PND (based on Pickle sources, so can be compiled with GLES renderer, even if the PND use glshim).

Many changes had to be done for it to run, with 2 categories of changes:
* BUS ERROR fixes because all the data is packed (I hope I fixed everything, but I'm not sure)
* (unsigned short) cast from float doesn't work expectdely, and need to be first casted to (signed short) (I should have fixed all the cases).

History log

Build 01

  • Initial build
  • Many fixes for ARM processor
  • Some Pandora customisation
It looks like going into any house is a store. There is this map you can click open, and move around your screen.
With the map, I managed to go south-east, and then you get to a place with mice, they kill you almost immediately. There is also an arena you can jump into and fight (without losing HP)
Attack any boxes and barrels you see for money and health - also felled mice tend to drop hearts which can make up for any hits you take. I managed to get to an altar with a blue light over it, but jumping into it didn't seem to do anything.

FWIW, I filled in the niceware menu before playing; not sure if that affects anything. Bit of a PITA if it does...