The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword


Jan 10, 2011
I was surprised to see no topic about this game on here. It'll be out November 20th and if you preorder now, you get a golden Wii Remote Plus and the soundtrack. Needless to say, I'm preordering. I've been looking forward to a proper Wii Zelda for a while! It's refreshing to see 3-D Zelda go back to vivid colors. It'll help with the seasonal depression I get.

I guess I'll use this first post to provide videos and details as they come out.

GDC 2011 Trailer

Comic-Con 2011 Trailer

Gameplay Demo from Shigeru Miyamoto (Japanese) (2011-09-12)

Upgrade System (2011-09-13)

Sword Tutorial (2011-09-29)

Opening Trailer (2011-09-29)

Romance Trailer (2011-09-29)

Note: I can't figure out how to embed YT vids in the post. If it used straight-up HTML it'd be easy...

So, what do we know about the game so far?

General Information

* The "hub" of the game is the starting town, Skyloft

* Supposed to explain the origin of the Master Sword

* Zelda is NOT royalty (yet)

* The (first?) antagonist is Ghirahim, who calls himself "lord of the surface".

* Your companion is Fi, who seems to be the spirit of the (future) Master Sword.

* Gorons are present. No data on Deku or Zoras yet.


* The sword is controlled through the Wii Remote Plus. Your swings will be translated 1:1 to the game.

* Shields have a "lifebar". Unknown if you can repair them.

* Shields are upgradable by farming specific items.

* Link is able to dash, using up a stamina gauge.

* Dashing allows Link to not only run faster for a brief amount of time, but he can also scale walls or obstacles faster if he gets a running start.

* Link must navigate tightropes, with a real need for balancing himself.

* Tears of Light (or a similar mechanic) seem to make a return.

* Bombs can be rolled like a bowling ball

* Minecarts! :D

Confirmed Items

* Standard fare (arrows, bombs, sword, shield, bottles)

* Clawshot

* some sort of beetle

* Bug catching Net

* What looks to be iron gauntlets or something (he can be seen crawling along a wall like a spider in one of the trailers)

* Some sort of blowing item similar to the Gust Jar from Minish Cap.


Skyward Sword takes place before Ocarina of Time. Since the Master Sword isn't in Minish Cap or the Four Sword games, it may be between Minish Cap and Ocarina. It could be the first in the series, there's no telling as of yet. "before Ocarina" is all that's confirmed. With that out of the way, some speculation.

Given that this game is supposed to be the forging of the Master Sword, there should be some sort of sages and/or an Imprisoning War. Lore from Ocarina of Time and A Link to the Past states that there was a great war and, in their greatest time of need, the Hylia forged the Master Sword. Zelda is Link's schoolmate in this game, and is not royalty yet. Ghirahim refers to some woman as "her highness". He could be talking about Zelda which means he knows something nobody else does, or is just being snooty.

If this game goes far enough into Zelda mythos, this game could be the start of the Legend of Zelda. (To explain, Zelda has a brother and he hears wind of an inheritance of the Triforce. He only gets two parts, however, and asks Zelda where the third is. She refuses to tell him and the prince has a magician cast her into a deep sleep. This kills the magician. The brother, struck by regret, puts his sister into the North Palace and decrees every girl born into the Royal Family henceforth be named Zelda) If such a thing happens, then the Zelda that Link saves at the end of the series (Zelda 2) is the Zelda in Skyward Sword. Not likely to happen since we haven't seen any indication of Zelda having a brother... but it's always something to think about whenever there's a new Zelda appearing at the beginning of the storyline.

Well, that's all I've got for now.
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Nothing I had tried worked. *shrug*

EDIT: I did that and it worked in the preview, but it said I wasn't allowed to post that many videos. So I guess the links stay as they are. No reason to separate it one-vid-per-post.
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Nope, the game was designed from the ground up to be a Wii Remote+ game. It's THE reason to own a Motion+, pretty much.
Nope, the game was designed from the ground up to be a Wii Remote+ game. It's THE reason to own a Motion+, pretty much.
Sadly, this game might not be on my must-buy list anymore. I do not see myself enjoying the motion controls...

Looks like I'll have to continue to go back and play through the classic Zelda games again, not that there's anything wrong with that :) .
That's a shame, since Skyward Sword will be nothing like Twilight Princess, where the motion for the sword was merely a replacement for the B button. Skyward Sword is designed with that control in mind, so you'll have to attack around enemy defenses and whatnot. It will make combat in Zelda deeper than ever, and I doubt Zelda will go back to the classic control for a while.

At the least, try it out and see if you like it. :D
When asked by my better half what I wanted for Christmas, I surreptitiously meant to say that I'd been looking forward to buying Skyward Sword but that I would probably be forgoing it for now, lest someone get it for me as a gift. I got as far as "I was going to buy the new Zelda game" when I was told to shut up and that I couldn't buy it.

She... she's not very good at keeping secrets. :p
my gold wiimote copy arrived today and once i got past the hangover, i played it for a few hours and wow! i have to say it feels really really magical. the controls feel surprisingly natural, which was surprising considering how i didn't get on with the wii version of twilight princess. the story, at least up to the point i have played seems very much to funnel you down a specific direction rather than allow entirely free roaming, but i think that will change shortly. there is an amazing moment in the beginning that really feels like what the series has been building up to for 25 years. i am almost tempted to believe that nintendo and Miyamoto made the wii, purely for that moment and the rest of it has just been a game. i cant wait to see what else the game has to offer!
thats the thing i didnt like about twilight princess. i felt that the game lead you on too much and pushed you to go into a direction, cant wait to play this though. but this will probably only get added to my queue of games i still have to play/finish, games like skyrim, infamous2, mario 3d land, mario kart 3d, kic idarus...some more i cant think of right now, and thats just from the newer games, without the pandora ones
Pick up the game last midnight. Funny thing was, I was anticipating a line for it. I should of know better because I am in the smack middle of the US, and every kid here is ether distracted by Skyrim, and/or MW3/BF3.

On a side note, I love how this game goes.
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Its not bad so far, Its my first motion plus game so its kind of weird getting used to the controls.

I was expecting those mysterious breasted freaky Ookoos to make an appearance by now though so I could giggle at their boobs.
Always impressive these Zelda Games. I'm not a Nintendo or Zelda Fan but I must say, they really do solid work with these Games.

One day I want to see Homebrew games that perfect. ^^
Just bought this, and I feel like a kid again. Literally. Literally.

So, much, hand-holding... and I didn't set a stopwatch, but after getting the Goddess Sword, I am pretty sure I spent more time watching the game than playing it. ><

When I was young enough to play this game, I was exploring worlds through discovery and by both curiosity and intuition I would learn how to do things by myself... gone, all the mystery is gone in today's perfect 10 games.

Well, back to retro gaming!

// The writing ain't that hot

// Fi = Navi = effing annoying

// Motion controls make you look feel ridiculous

// Pretty sure they planned that

// Otherwise overall a good game
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// Motion controls make you look feel ridiculous
At least they utilize the motion controls for determining the direction of your slash. It is nothing which could not be done with a button and a joystick, but way better than just waggling the wiimote like you had to in the crappy Twilight Princess port.
// Motion controls make you look feel ridiculous
At least they utilize the motion controls for determining the direction of your slash. It is nothing which could not be done with a button and a joystick, but way better than just waggling the wiimote like you had to in the crappy Twilight Princess port.

I think this game is amazing and the controls are much better than Twilight Princess. It works so much better with the motion plus than ever before. It may not be perfect (nothing is ;) ) but it's a great improvement over the last game.