The Winners Of The Gph Game Comp Are


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Dec 3, 2005
Gamepark Holdings would like to thank all the Contest participants for their effort in developing new and exciting games for the GP2X.
We have had many great entries submitted during the 3-month long Contest period. We took time to consider at each entry carefully and we have finally decided on the winners!

We apologize for the delay in the announcement of winners; our judges were carefully evaluating each entry and this took longer than expected in the beginning.

In the Commercial Games section the 2nd prize winner was not chosen by the judges; therefore we increased the 3rd prize winners’ prize purse.

In the Open Source section of the contest, there wasn’t a winner chosen by the judges and not many games were submitted. Therefore we are giving away 1 GP2X basic set to each participating team in the Open Source section. Of those contestants who did not open their source, we will ask them individually if they are willing to open the source codes and notify them accordingly.

The Commercial Games section winners are as follows:
Commercial Games Winners
(Game Title / ID / Game Genre)
1st Place - Cash Prize of US $5,000 & GP2X Full Set
A student boarder / Keomho / Visual Novel Game
2nd Place - Not chosen
3rd Place - Cash Prize of US $1,500 & GP2X Full Set each
3rd: FourFs / Trevor / Action and Strategy
3rd: Wind and Water: Puzzle Battles / Yuan / Puzzle
------------------------------------------------- 4th Place - GP2X Full Set each
4th: Salvaria / Brian / RPG
4th: Arecibo / Dr_Ian / Action
4th: Crocodingus in Crocoland / Int13 / Action


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Dec 8, 2005
it's not the same version of crocodingus than gp32. now you have, new gameplay new graphics new level design, new sounds.
if gph don't post a version. i'll post the beta version.


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Jun 22, 2004
Isle of Ewe
i'd also like to know why there wasn't a winner chosen for 2nd place as that seems quite odd/suspect. Not only that no one being chosen as a winner for the open source projects????
I seem to remember they are getting an outside judge to do second?
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