Usb Networking


Still Fresh
Mar 5, 2006
This describes how to connect your GP2X to your Windows PC using the new facilities available in the v2.0 firmware. Since I've only just managed to get it to work, this should be updated to clarify any new information, but here's a first attempt.

For the record, the todos are:
- explain how to connect to Linux machines
- explain any other areas I haven't covered here

OK, here we go:
  1. First, install the v2.0 firmware. Get it HERE - follow the instructions carefully. Remember that this is an extensive update, and it takes quite a while: be patient.
  2. Next, download the RNDIS driver from HERE and unzip it into a directory - note the location.
  3. Boot your GP2X. Go to the new System menu under the Settings menu.
  4. I turned on all the network stuff, setting them to "ALWAYS ON"...
    • First, you need to turn on the network: the default IP address is which works just fine.
    • Now, choose your servers. As I mentioned I turned ON the Web Server, the FTP/Telnet server and the SAMBA server. (This probably needs a little more investigation)
  5. Now, connect the GP2X to a free USB port on your PC.
  6. The PC will try to install the new RNDIS device - tell it where you unzipped it above. For some reason, this step is quite slow, but it eventually finishes.
  7. Open your network settings and open the properties for the new connection. By default, it's called something like "Local Area Network #2" - rename it to something you can better recognise.
  8. Open the TCP/IP settings, and set the IP address to something you're not currently using, something like; the mask should be Set the gateway and DNS addresses to those you're using on your usual connection.
  9. Add the line " gp2x" to the file \Windows\system32\drivers\etc\hosts, where "\windows" is your Windows install directory
  10. Check that it all works by opening a DOS box and typing "ping gp2x". This should give a series of lines of the form "Reply from ....".
At this stage you should be able to telnet to the device by typing "telnet gp2x" - log in using the username "root" (no password), and you can type the URL http://gp2x/ into your browser.

I checked the Samba config file on the GP2X and it looks fine, but I haven't managed to mount the thing yet. - watch this space :)