Want Minimenu To Auto-Rescan Apps On Sd Insert?


Internal Development
Mar 11, 2003
This is a quick hack done last minute before I take off.

Not heavily tested, but seems to work :)

Evildragon or someone can package it into a PND file so peopel can use it until a real hotfix comes along.

Goal: On SD _insert_, cause an auto-rescan in minimenu

Grab these two files:

1) Move mmenu.conf to SD card /pandora/mmenu/mmenu.conf, or overwrite the NAND file /etc/pandora/conf/mmenu.conf -- putting it on SD means you can edit it from Windows/etc easier, and if you break it, can eject your SD and reboot and be good to go :)
2) Move mmenu to /usr/bin/mmenu on NAND, and make sure it is executable.

Like I said, for normal people, let EvilDragon or someone make a pnd file, I've gotta run :) But if you're a power user, just do the above.

BTW, in the mmenu.conf, you could enable default_cat option, and specify which category to jump to. (ie: normally it goes ot leftmost tab, which is All, but you could have it default to the Game tab if you like, say.)


Word to the wise: When doing a hack like this to mmenu, I highly suggest switching to xfce as your default or active gui first; ie: so if you kill mmenu somehow, and reboot, you want it to go xfce so you're not humped :)