What Should The Pandora App Store Be Named?

How about "Zodiac"?

It maintains the greek theme, and the word "zodiac" means "a circle of animals", which resembles many of the software menus and toolbars we use.

God Ginrai said:
liquidphantom said:
grasshoppir said:
wtf is an app? i intend to run programs!

i kinda like "the bike shed" for a name.

App, short for application. essentially they are the same thing but by definition an application is used to perform tasks, the two terms are generally interchangeable though.

I'm pretty sure he was just angry about the apple fad of calling everything "apps" that so many people in this topic seem to be supporting. To tell you the truth, I kind of agree with him. I don't want our store to just sound like some bad iphone ripoff.

On another note, here's some suggestions from me:

prep - Stands for Pandora Repository. Kind of keeps with the idea that names should be short and simple. Also, will be easy to remember if we get a terminal command for it.

Another Castle - This is a nice Mario reference that I thought people might appreciate.

-God Ginrai

Also appreciated. (Check my signature.)
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What about the PAPP store (or if it's no good then the Common Repositry for Applications & Programs!)?
I like "The Box". It's simple, to the point, and kind of catchy.
Kagato said:
mali said:
"Pandora's Box"
is kind of funny and so on, but not very practical. The first time you hear it, you think oh my f* god, this is so ingenius [...]
After that it just gets annoying to explain what "Pandora's Box" is. You can't expect the consumer to spontaneously learn something. You will need to add a subtitle and the fun is gone.

Yep, and that's why Valve's "Steam" app store will never be successful.

HAHAHAHA you are so funny. Steam not successful....hahahahaha thats like saying that Apple App Store isn't successful.

Hold on wait...... did your little ... mean you were being sarcastic to the person you quoted?
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erm... I said this somewhere in another thread but.... The Open Pazaar
mali said:
The Open Pandora App Store

It's so simple :rolleyes:

TOPAS ? Sounds good to me. easily understandable IMHO.

How about "OpenAppBox"?

PAL is good also IMHO.
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"Pandora's Box" ... it's catchy (tick), related to mythology (tick), makes sense (tick)

"App Box" is pretty good. So anyone that sees App knows what it is quickly.
"Open Pandora App Store" too long and stays on the toungue instead of just rolling out.

How about:
The "Pandora Mall"
I use Mall because if you go to the Mall it is a centre with all your needs (food-to-fashion), likewise an App Store.

"Free Store" is less OMG and not an exciting name. But users that read FREE arbitarily click on it ;)