Wip Gp32 Mame 2.1


Apr 20, 2005
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slaanesh posted on Apr 13 2006 at 11:42 PM said:
chaos engineer posted on Apr 13 2006 at 08:05 PM said:
Hey Slaanesch, when can we expect the release of GP32 Mame 2.1 - I cannot bear waiting any longer. Since your last release I am experiencing a gp32 revival.
I've added a few more games: Salamander, Lifeforce. Added a new sound chip for Salamander.
Added the rest of the Data East 8-bit games (like Shackled, Gondomania, Captain Silver, Last Mission, etc). I've actually never seen these in Australia - anyone know anything of them? They were easy to add so I did so.
Probably release v2.1 on either Sunday or Monday (Australian time). Sorry it won't be sooner than that.

Vigilante seems to run out of RAM now - actually this has been happening since before v1.9. I'll see if I can nudge it back in.

Hopefully full sample support will be in v2.2.

awsome news... especially cause i love the gradius series :)))
well viligante never worked for me on any other then 1.1 ..... same out of mem error for 10 yard fight for me...
(how can such a small game run out of mem ??)
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