Wtb: Gp32 Button Membranes


Magus 86

Does anybody out there have any extra button membranes for a GP32 or an old, non-working GP32 they don't want anymore to sell for parts? I still have a BLU+ and a FLU(that is now an NLU due to my own stupidity), and the FLU's A button membrane is busted. I have no idea how much to offer for either just the membrane or a broken GP32 for parts, so just make an offer if you have what I need. We'll take it from there.

Oh yeah, I just remembered... I could use a battery cover too. The one for the NLU got lost(this one WASN'T my fault), and while I could just tape it or leave it alone, I'd rather not have tape residue on the machine. I'd also rather not have my batteries fall out randomly.