WTB Pyra


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May 25, 2012

I really want to play this console, not finding the gaming quality in current portable consoles. I still play my Pandora 1Ghz for more than 10 years.
If you sell your Pyra, let me know!
i wonder: what is more expensive`? 5000 Bugs or one Deer ?

Joke Aside, i would not recomand to try to buy a Pyra yet: The Software is still on a quite early state, whe still suffer from the Audio Driver that is not implement yet (but is currently working on), if i would had wait for the Pyra, i would also sell it quite expensive .. better to join the qoie and maybe get a Pyra in 2 Months (tm) but then whit much better Software and maybe a nice new CPU Board..
For 5000 Bucks I would rather buy 50 copies of the Bucky 'o Hare Famicom Game.

In Nautic German Bug is the front of a Ship ^^
What the Heck??? (Back of a ship in Nautic German)
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and while beeing silly, don't forget 'backport' (one side of a ship in Nautic German). ;-)
Hi there
I have one pyra for sale, i'll make a post for it soon.
It s as new, a standard edition 4gb.
I wonder how much i could sell it. I don't want to make profit, just let someone use it as it deserves.
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