WTS : 2x Classic OpenPandora, 1st batch, from Canada


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Sep 10, 2023
Sherbrooke, Quebec, Canada
Hello OpenPandora / pyra community,
I was, a long time ago, a very active member of this forum (look for user JeFF) but I've been away from retro gaming for ~10years, which matches the last time I posted on these forums :)
I have changed email addresses in-between, so it's impossible to get my hands back on my original account.
I used to build TV-Out cables for fellow forum members and actively participate in open discussions about the pandora and other topics. Time flies freakin fast.

I have had 2x classic OpenPandors since 2011, and these devices got the love they deserved! However when I started my bachelors degree in 2015, I slowly stopped using them, to the point where they no longer get the attention they deserve!
Please read the details and take a good look at the pictures, you'll see how good looking these units are after 12 years!

I am located in the province of Quebec, Canada. I am open to international shipping.
Depending on the buyers shipping address, we may have to agree on a shipping fee, especially anywhere overseas.

1st unit : #SN 090001001340
Includes everything from stock unit (original battery + stylus, original carry-case, original EU charger with US plug adapter)
Includes 2x SD cards (1x 16GB, 1x 32GB) jam packed with emulators and games (NES, SNES, N64, PS1, GBA, GBC, MAME, NDS, etc)
Includes 1x spare battery + battery carry-case
Both original + spare battery charge to 99% and hold their charge for ages, like brand new.
Both nubs work like a charm, no offset problem
Both L / R trigger clicks nicely!

Normal aesthetic flaws here and there due to gaming and enjoying the device, like keymat keys turning yellowish.
Audio wheel works good. In some occasions, it creates "white noise" on the speakers, adjust wheel position and it goes away.
Little crack in LCD case near right speaker. Not unusual with 1st batch plastic case.

View attachment 38857 IMG_20230910_143151.jpgIMG_20230910_143222.jpgIMG_20230910_143235.jpgIMG_20230910_143311.jpgIMG_20230910_143342.jpgIMG_20230910_143436.jpgIMG_20230910_145721.jpgIMG_20230910_145727.jpgIMG_20230910_145744.jpgIMG_20230910_155401.jpg

2nd unit : #SN 090001000631
Includes original battery + stylus
Includes brand new carry-case (arrival date mid-end september)
Includes 1x SD card 32GB jam packed with emulators and games (NES, SNES, N64, PS1, GBA, GBC, MAME, NDS, etc)
Will have a brand-new LCD cable + speaker assembled mid-end september (waiting for shipment from dragonbox shop - see cons below)
Brand new keymat
Original battery charge to 99% and hold it's charge for ages, like brand new
Both nubs work like a charm, no offset problem
Both L / R trigger clicks nicely!

Normal aesthetic flaws here and there due to gaming and enjoying the device.
Little sticker residue on top of LCD case. I will try to clean that with isopropyl alcool and post final pictures once done.
Little crack in LCD case near hinge. Not unusual with 1st batch plastic case.
Needs to have it's LCD cable changed. Will perform rework here in my electronics lab. Expected cable arrival date mid-end september. See cart order in pictures below.
No WiFi! If you absolutely want it, I will buy an antenna and u.FL cable and assemble it. Not needed to operate the device!


To wrap things-up, the whole bundle will include:
2x complete, classic edition pandora (with stylus, battery, carry-case), both in excellent working conditions ready for gaming!
1x spare battery + battery carry case
1x EU power-supply with north america plug changer (if you want 2x power supplies, I can provide guidance on selecting an appropriate off-the-shelf one from your preferred vendor, or buy one and test it at your charge)
3x SD cards (1x 16GB, 2x 32GB) loaded with tons of games / emulators

I am looking for guidance / feedback on what would be a reasonable price to let these go. And open to sell on ebay for buyer / seller protection.
Is 350-400$USD per unit oddly high / low?
750$USD for the whole bundle?

Do not hesitate to reach out, I'm open to discussion for a fair deal.

Thank you all and have a great day.
Jean-François Bilodeau, Eng.
Quebec, Canada
Bump + update : cable and case package has cleared customs yesterday and should be here by September 27th. Expect an update on the 2nd unit with additional pictures :D

In the meantime, I have not received an offer yet. I am also open to sell only 1x unit or both together, to the buyers discretion.
Have a great weekend!