[Letux-kernel] Lay common foundation to make PVR/SGX work without hacks on OMAP34xx, OMAP36xx, AM335x and potentially OMAP4, OMAP5

H. Nikolaus Schaller hns at goldelico.com
Tue Jan 30 08:39:19 CET 2018


> Am 25.01.2018 um 11:18 schrieb H. Nikolaus Schaller <hns at goldelico.com>:
>> Am 24.01.2018 um 08:57 schrieb Tomi Valkeinen <tomi.valkeinen at ti.com>:
>> old. The latest SGX DDK is 1.14 which is, afaik, available in TI's
>> processor SDK or via the git branches I pointed to.
> $ git for-each-ref --sort=-committerdate refs/remotes/ti-sgx544/
> 0086977380d3320d70a3abc78b95fa0641427073 commit	refs/remotes/ti-sgx544/ti-img-sgx/1.14.3699939/k4.9
> fd47e44b18944cf7ade480ac67a9c0172619ff7e commit	refs/remotes/ti-sgx544/ti-img-sgx/1.14.3699939/k4.4
> 877a45ba3797fecdadcae35cc09103e9bec72b0e commit	refs/remotes/ti-sgx544/dra7/k3.14
> fed0756f1b8b9d526da2821635c7d742989d47c3 commit	refs/remotes/ti-sgx544/ti-img-sgx/1.14.3699939/k4.1
> cb46ba4d0c900f89f7ec0284f9803d476bfa98de commit	refs/remotes/ti-sgx544/img-sgx
> c53a5dfb9f4d5612c372ec8e252cb13a731c9c10 commit	refs/remotes/ti-sgx544/dra7/k4.1
> f7ae3f68dd6a05f67b15702b823ed15d2c03105d commit	refs/remotes/ti-sgx544/am4/k4.1
> 8b71d01c7f2d8d1b00d9d5255536da66a8bdf790 commit	refs/remotes/ti-sgx544/am4/k3.14
> c5a0d8c31ac338c759163edb4c295883ea2adc35 commit	refs/remotes/ti-sgx544/next
> a24ae6b2573b7eb1dc94473aa9953b964079b5c6 commit	refs/remotes/ti-sgx544/dra7/experimental
> 430673f78b79eccdf308a6bbfb524209b485d2cc commit	refs/remotes/ti-sgx544/master
> 0912e7542f34413b9a52119b22e807532221d461 commit	refs/remotes/ti-sgx544/dra7/k3.12
> ce8e788072e2f72aaf8c09bdd6a6436bec9ddfb6 commit	refs/remotes/ti-sgx544/dra7/k3.8
> $
> It seems as if the ti-img-sgx/1.14.3699939/k4.9 is indeed the newest one.
> I'll look into it and compare.

I haven't found time to start experiments, but it looks as if *does* support
a lot of different SoC, even some Non-TI:

$ ls omap5-sgx-ddk-linux/eurasia_km/services4/system 
cedarview_linux	include		omap		omap4		omap5		poulsbo		sgx_jz4780	sgx_nohw	sgx_pc_i686_tc3	sunxi

Which means that this is already a much more universal driver than I
have expected. The 'omap' subdirectory should IMHO be for OMAP3 + AM335x.

All this indicates that there is (was?) already a project (at IMG?) with similar

So it is worth to give it a try to take this code (plus matching user-space)
and try to compile it for OMAP3. And fix what is needed for 4.15.

This does not make the previous for OMAP3/AM335x work useless - it is very
useful to know what to expect and compare if something does not work with
the new code.

In the long run I even more believe that the differences in eurasia_km/services4/system/*
should and can be handled by DT and a generic backend driver for all systems.

Maybe I can invest some time into experiments after FOSDEM.


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