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This is on the CPU-Board, so has a chance of being upgraded in the future.

Temporary update: Pre-orders are currently offered for both 2GB and 4GB units. The 4GB version has been overwhelmingly more popular, leaving some doubt about the mass-production of 2GB units.

Dual Channel PC DDR3L 532MHz:

  • 4 Ram-Chips on the CPU-Board at 4GBits density means 2GiB total, confirmed[1][2]
  • 4GB could be possible [1]
  • Chip type: IM4G(08/16)D3FABG Datasheet
  • https://pyra-handheld.com/boards/threads/first-newspost-coming-from-the-pyra.77152/page-2#post-1370826
  • https://twitter.com/EvilDragon1717/status/614405797783584769