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  • Can Someone add/refine the Intel Atom Specs?
  • Does the GPD really have LPDDR3-1600 or only 800?
  • How fast is Pyras Ram? DDR3-533?
  • Which DSP at which speed in the Pyra?
  • Cleaning up the Chart? As this thing should provide an quick overview of the Devices, nothing too "deep"
  • Why Multiple Sections for Gaming Buttons(Face/Shoulder/Controll/Analog)?
  • Merge em to Gaming Buttons?
  • Crazy Operating System section(Way too many Fields)
  • Why multiple Android compability Sections (As the only affected device is the WIN)?
  • Android has disadvantages on every Device.
  • We should explain the Libre/Free/Linux OS/Hardware situation somewhere else as Tables suck at explaining Details.
  • Too much Details (In the LED section for example)
  • Why "Keyboard Layout (Dvorak)"?
  • Too many Colors(Less is more) (See an Wikipedia Table for comparison)
  • Why the Internal/External memory card slot Split?