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    The Logo Poll

    My bad, I should have said "Most like a P". 4 was actually my second choice but the double sided design felt a little redundant to me compared to a single graphic element that I felt could be improved just a bit.
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    The Logo Poll

    I like the fire design in 1 because it feels like a better fire shape than any of the others. Also the only logo that looks like a "P". As for the font I like the one in 4 because it feels more retro-esque, but I understand that these are just place holders so I voted for 1. After typing this...
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    Poll: Name of the successor (Reboot)

    Perhaps the name is being rushed? I mean as of yet there's only a hypothetical set of specs, There's no artist rendition even... how far along into building the original Pandora did the name come about? Is calling it Pandora 2 really that confusing? No one had trouble with the PS2. Ultimately...
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    What the P1 got right, what it got wrong

    While I don't mind the volume wheel, one of the biggest problems with it, and likely the reason so many hardware designers have switched to button coontrols, is that volume wheels inevitably degrade over time. I've never had a casset player with a volume wheel that didnt eventually start to...
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    What Is Going On ?

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    Release Audiorace

    You know, last month I got tired of trying to upload to youtube and got a vimeo account and was about to upload my videos until I read their TOS where they specifically single out video game recordings as being a violation! I might just break down and do it anyway now.
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    Release Audiorace

    Yeah, mine were recorded with the Playstation Eye cam so nothing too spectacular on my part, not even 480p but they were fairly clear, I just wish I could get them posted. :rage:
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    Release Audiorace

    I'm going to restrain my suggestions for new features as the game is still young and there are already many decent suggestions, but there is one thing I've had an issue with and it seems to be songs with non english characters in the file name. I dont mind that it has ??????-????.mp3 but it just...
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    Release Pcsx-Rearmed

    The above issue also occurs in my NTSC version of Einhander. Another odd issue occurs in Gamera 2000 (JP) It contains both Japanese and English voice overs for the cutscenes which you can select in the game options, but when you view them it plays both audio tracks at the same time.
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    PCSX reARMed r8

    Will do Prometheus. @Longnosedgoblin On Rapid Reload/Gunner's Heaven: If you have frame skip on try turning it off. I noticed the black frames as well in the first level before the part where you go inside, I turned it off and they stopped happening for the rest of the level and boss battle.
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    PCSX reARMed r8

    If we're scrapping the idea of a compatability list for a list of games that operate irregularly then I want to submit my odd issue with Gamera 2000 (japanese). The game itself so far plays fine, but it's a game that has both Japanese and english audio options in the FMV scenes and when you view...
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    Goldeneye & Perfect Dark N64

    sorry posted in the wrong thread. That's what I get for using the stalker site and forgetting which link I clicked.
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    Release Audiorace

    AAAHHH!!! Freakin' AWESOME! Dude you rock like no one's business! Thank you SO MUCH for this game. I was just going to install PanPlayer when I accidentally moused over the name and saw the screen shot and I was like "nah there's no way someone made an Audiosurf-type game for the Pandora"...
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    PS1 ripping/converting

    I've been ripping most of my games as .IMG with Imgburn on PC(free program). A couple of times I accidentally ripped them as Bin but noticed almost no difference in size or playabilty. Anyone know of any games that currently work fine as one but have issues as the other?
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    Games you finished...

    Just completed Full Throttle in ScummVM, Highly enjoyable and recommended. Though I had only one major problem and that was the Demolition derby, talk about irritating. Took me a while to realize I had to switch to the D-pad. Once I got moving the other cars wouldn't give me a second to even...