Support us!

Building a complex handheld is no easy task.
While everyone is the team is experienced with the given tasks, there still is a lot you can do to help us.

Development and production is expensive - and especially hard for a small company. But together with the huge community around it, it's certainly doable.

Below are some ideas how you could help us out.

Spread the Word

The Pyra is no Android device. It's a specialized Linux Mini PC / Gaming handheld.
It's not meant for everyone, it will probably always be a niche device.

However, there are millions of people living in this world - so today even a niche device can get thousands of customers!

It's important to spread the word. Tell friends, family, bloggers, forum members or press about it.
The more the idea spreads, the more likely you will find interested people who would've never heard of it otherwise.

Join the Discussions

It's nice following the development, but maybe you'd also like to join the the discussions directly here at the official forums?

Besides having good ideas that make it into the device, it's also motivating for everyone involved in the development to see people like the idea and discuss about it.

And motivation is something that's always helpful :)

Buy from the DragonBox Shop

Financing such a device is not easy, and while the money to build the develop and produce the prototypes is already secured, production will still need a lot more.

The main company behind the Pyra is also the company running the DragonBox Shop.So each Pandora, Everdrive or Retro-Gadget you buy from there will help financing the Pyra.

Know others that might be interested in some these products? Tell them as well!

Donate - or Invest!

Even small donations can help within a huge community. If 7000 members donate 10 EUR each, it'll add up to 70,000 EUR - which is quite a huge sum.

You can easily donate with credit card, PayPal and other payment methods. Just head over to the DragonBox Shop.

If you have even more money available and want to help out and invest into an OpenSource handheld, please do contact me (

Right now no investments are needed, but it might be the case when the production finally starts.