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    Beauty competition.

    Well, I don't think the pain of having too cancel my pre order has ever been as painful as when you posted that Dark Chrome Pyra :'(
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    Where are we now?

    I'll just end the color case disscution the way its going to end ahead of time Color 1.Black Color 2 (if there will be one) red as the site/logo/renders There, I'm sure now there won't be any need to discus this future, right?
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    OneNetbook OneGX

    Do we know what OS it will be running? Looks interesting but playstation-style d-pads had always been a huge turn-off for me. Why is it so hard to find a good sega style d-pad on handhelds now a days?
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    F(x)tec Pro¹ - Slider Smartphone with physical keyboard

    I do want one, just for the keyboard. So hard to get me interested in any smartphone today. It's however out of my price range currently, (I even had to cancel my pyra pre-order because of financial difficulties) so this one is definitely out of the question. That being said my current phone old...
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    Share your DESKTOP!

    This is my laptop's desktop Very simple. That's how I like it. It's pretty much the same for the desktop computer I have at home except without a dock. I run KDE at the moment, because I find that it has the best support for global menus. I wish I could run a gtk system like cinnamon but it...
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    Are you a Linux user or Windows user? Or maybe a macOS user?

    I've used all three major OS's (Windows, Mac and Linux) and right now I'm running Linux with no plan to switch. I will say I do prefer Mac over Windows. I don't know if modern Mac is still has good as it was in 2013-14 when I used it but I found it to be much more enjoyable than Windows. Never...
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    Ubuntu is phasing out i386 (32bit) libraries altogether

    Well that's what I'm switching to then.
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    Ubuntu is phasing out i386 (32bit) libraries altogether

    Well that's gonna screw me over :( I might move over to Debian then
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    Ubuntu is phasing out i386 (32bit) libraries altogether

    Doesn't Steam rely on 32-bit libs? I remember having to install the 32-bit version of my graphic driver to get some games working with proton. I've also had problems getting steam launching without some 32-bit libs on Debian.
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    NLNet Funds Development of a Libre RISC-V 3D CPU

    I could totally see this being a good choice for RPi, didn't they wish to make a risc-v Pi? Or was that just my imagination? I could even see it as a low-powered option for the Pyra for those who want to do risc-v development or run with a open source architecture and don't mind the performance...
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    NLNet Funds Development of a Libre RISC-V 3D CPU

    Always cool to see RISC-V moving forward. "This processor, which will be quad core dual issue 800mhz RV64GC and capable of running full GNU/Linux SMP OSes, with 720p video playback and embedded level 25fps 3D performance in around 2.5 watts at 28nm, is designed to address that imbalance. Links...
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    Huawei vs the USA and their lapdogs

    Maybe Huawei will switch to RISC-V if they can't use ARM. That would be good for those of us who wants RISC-V to be more popular in consumer products. All thought I don't think they make their own SoC's and there aren't really any RISC-V SoC's that compare to the likes of snapdragon.
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    Huawei vs the USA and their lapdogs

    This might be my conspiratorial mind making up baseless theory's (which is what it does best) but is this really a push by big tech companies to not be overthrown by chinese companies? Think about it. manufacturing and many jobs that these tech giants use to do in the US has moved to China...
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    Antstream: Retro game streaming

    Put a wifi chip in the next everdrive model and let me stream directly to my retro console:D
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    Not much text here. Just a video.

    Great video! I like videos and would love to see more, but only if a video is really necessary, text works fine too. When do you think we can see a video of the OS running off of the internal memory rather than a slow SD card?