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    Improve Volume Wheel Daemon (Bounty!)

    How is control of the volume currently shared between GUI volume controls and the wheel? What happens if you open Kmix/whatever, and move the master volume slider?
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    Improve Volume Wheel Daemon (Bounty!)

    The physical wheel has an absolute, physical position. You can turn it down to minimum, and up to maximum, or somewhere in the middle, regardless of what the software is doing. Where the Pandora and many older devices have the wheel directly wired into the audio circuit, the Pyra has it...
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    Improve Volume Wheel Daemon (Bounty!)

    Suppose the volume daemon were written to only check the volume wheel when audio is playing. How long would it take to notice a new audio playback stream, read the ADC, and set the volume? If it were fast - taking only a few tens of ms, you'd only get a faint click in the worst case. In fact...
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    Improve Volume Wheel Daemon (Bounty!)

    At what level is the wheel position absolute? If the wheel is a potentiometer connected to an ADC, using modifiers would lead to some odd behaviour. If you set the volume, then pressed the modifier for display brightness, the brightness would jump to whatever you set the volume to. When you...
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    Should I have received my final order eMail already?

    UK law is also absolutely full of weird step/staircase functions for calculating taxes and social benefits. It's as though the politicians who come up with this stuff were all asleep during maths class. It makes sense for discounts to lead to lesser taxes if the discount was given freely by the...
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    Should I have received my final order eMail already?

    You mean that if, like me, you've pre-paid practically the entire cost of the device in vouchers, they count against the customs value of the device, reducing it to practically nothing? That would explain why a few people reported not getting tax bills for importing their Pyras. Still, I'm not...
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    Cracked Case; Wasn't expecting it so soon.

    Do you say that it is likely to become more flawed with time? That seems strange. Product quality generally improves, as design bugs are ironed out, and QC gets better at catching them. I would rather have a device which is conceptually-aligned with my values and have to buy a spare case set...
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    Absurdism corner

    "There even are places where English completely disappears; in America, they haven't used it for years!" - Prof. H. Higgins
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    The Communication Cube

    A thought: So far as I can tell, part of the Great Stallman Debate is that he is accused of being unfit to run a large organisation on the grounds of his socio-political attitudes. One counterargument is that free software can and should be coolly focused on technical merit, not race, gender...
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    Brief Answers to the Big (Pyra) Questions

    How would you connect the second external display? I've not heard of being able to drive two separate video signals down a single HDMI cable - though I suppose it might be possible with some trickery. There are USB devices you can use as external video cards, but I think you'd struggle for...
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    Absurdism corner

    The sign was intended to mean: "Do not exceed 20 [mph/kmph] [because there are] children [nearby]" You should drive slowly in case children are playing on the road. However, it might also be read as: "Do not exceed 20 children [because 21 children would be too many]" Which is funny, because the...
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    The Free Software Foundation needs our help

    Perhaps of interest, the view of a real live woman in tech:
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    Pyra why ?

    I suppose the first point for me is software usability. I have a mainstream (though 'old') smartphone, and I am constantly frustrated by deliberate, systemic design choices. My Pandora is much better, and I'm hoping that a Pyra (with Debian) will be better still. Second, I don't like the...
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    Pyra screen

    I think that's unlikely to be the problem if the backlight controls work and there's a ssh server running! My pandora has failed to start X once or twice after an unclean shutdown. Rebooting fixes it though. There's no harm in having a look to see if the display cable is loose. Are you happy...