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    I would be very surprised if Raspbian works out-of-the-box on a Pyra. Raspbian has lots of hardware-specific tweaks for Raspberry Pi hardware. The Pyra has different hardware, and needs different tweaks. You could (in theory) develop a version of Raspbian that runs on a Pyra - but it would be...
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    It's software this time!

    The adaptor costs 30€, and the dark chrome finish 15€, if I remember rightly.
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    Production Pyra photos/videos/thoughts thread

    I certainly agree that trying to compete on the number of pixels, or cores, or bytes is a bad idea. They're not really useful metrics, and they don't make the Pyra look good. However, I disagree that "fun" and "open-source" need be traded-off against each other. For a critical part of the...
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    So, what's the current status of everything?

    I'm hardly an expert, but I always imagined that modern audio processors do some sort of interpolation to bring the digital signal up to the DACs native sample-rate, and then filtered the signal in analogue-land to eliminate any interesting artefacts left over from the time quantisation...
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    World News Thread (Politics,whatever)

    A mudguard, I think? Goes around the top and sides of a wheel to stop dirt flying off the tyre and hitting the vehicle body, or other road users.
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    Stackoverflow got a new Code of Conduct, most downvoted post ever

    Is the problem with SJWs, whoever they are exactly, that they attempt to turn social manners into law, with a combination of aggression and condescension? Almost every social group will form a system of etiquette. Ways to greet people, ways to show sympathy, ways to show or demand respect, etc...
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    Even more to see here (now)

    Soap, toothpaste and other irrelevancies are now here:
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    World News Thread (Politics,whatever)

    Truly, I say, no politician could have written a passage that says so much, and means so little!
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    2 Months™ and Communism Banter (Split from Springs are brilliant! )

    If mass production is always scheduled for Two Months from now, then when it happens, it'll be Two Months early!
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    Pyra Untitled Pyra Souls-like

    Taking the great liberty of assuming I am only moderately hated, might I point out that I am, in fact, a transdimensional horse of the apocalypse? Not a skeletal one though, because those keep falling apart. I'm not sure how far you can go before stepping on the toes of Sir T.P.'s estate and...
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    World News Thread (Politics,whatever)

    One does wonder what the humble individual can do to break out of certificatism (if that's a word). In theory, it should be possible to build a CV out of genuinely meaningful achievements, both in serious hobbies, and professionally, and use that to get recruited by a manager who is seriously...
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    World News Thread (Politics,whatever)

    I wonder, is worsening wealth inequality the result of weakening mass-education? If, for example, schools that once taught people how to be productive and responsible are now teaching them how to jump through hoops, the result would be a generation of graduates who only know how to please 'the...
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    World News Thread (Politics,whatever)

    I really don't understand why you'd breed dogs for striking characteristics at the expense of their health. Breeding for utility (herding, hunting, fetching, guarding) makes sense - but deliberately breeding dogs that can't breath properly or walk straight? Why?
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    World News Thread (Politics,whatever)

    "A captivating new development in a centre of cultural heritage and legendary local hospitality, for a stunning experience you simply won't be able to forget!"
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    GitHub Sponsors... You?

    The integration of systems that could To me, it also looks like the entanglement of two services that don't really need to be closely linked. I'd much rather that one provider handle micropatronage payments, and another prove a fancy web interface for revision control / project management...