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    GL ES 2.0 headers for Freepascal

    The header is now released. I included some simple Demos. For FPC on Pandora or other fancy pascal things, visit the german forum:
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    Pandora The best programming language for the Pandora?

    C++ also hides things behind the STL. Use C
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    GL ES 2.0 headers for Freepascal

    Hi, I need your help. I tried to use EGL and SDL to create a GLES context to make the demos also running on Pandora. I made a test program to create a GLSL context, but i get the following error: Mesa: User error: GL_INVALID_FRAMEBUFFER_OPERATION in glDrawArrays(incomplete framebuffer)...
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    I also had the idea to develop an opensource image streaming library for handhelds. My idea was a client software that connects to a server and a server that is directly part of the game (for multiplayer streaming) or that captures the screen.
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    GL ES 2.0 headers for Freepascal

    Hi, I translated the gles 2.0 headers for freepascal, made some sdk and built some tutorials how to make a simple colored or textured triangle. Even if you are no fpc-fan, you can test this to get an overview how to program gles 2.0. If you have no pandora, no problem: These GLES 2.0 demo...