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    GNGeo Bios issues

    Probably called that to not get a higher age rating? I didn't read, and now that I think I should have, I won't. :)
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    Free Lossless Image Format (FLIF)

    The next format after JPEG2000?
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    This is a longshot, but... anime thread?

    >I gotta admit, even I don't watch anime terribly much. Good.
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    How to log in to Pyra Wiki?

    I think you can log in with your forum username/nick.
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    Replacing Tapatalk with our own app

    Neither. Phoneposting and proprietary software is a scourge.
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    Future of the CPU board?

    MNT Reform and Librem 5 already uses the i.mx8. Mobile variant or a next one would be sweet.
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    Upgrading my computer...

    Cut the battery terminals and run a bench power supply? Might be a BIOS setting to run on AC.
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    What have you bought recently?

    You are a real person :)
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    You didn't expect this, I guess.

    A need for commas in the following sentence:
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    RAM and power consumption?

    Worrying about higher power consumption from more memory, and leaving ones basement long enough for it to matter, are mutually exclusive concerns.
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    Why are the keys on the keyboard not in columns?

    To my knowledge it is because anchoring down the halves is done with screws, and the top half has the threads molded in.
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    You didn't expect this, I guess.

    China shuts down, ED turns into a sweatshop cranking out Pyras.
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    OneNetbook OneGX

    Harder to make, you need to prevent it from spinning. It needs more space to be robust (XBOX controller). Can't do two directions at once. Just what you want in your personal computer. An Intel processor. I hope they go bankrupt. DROPPED. They don't care about their customers, and their...
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    Popcorn Pocket PC - A Linux handheld terminal

    Keyboard final? Really don't understand making backspace and delete the same button for no reason. Doublewide enter instead of L+2 is what tanks it for me. Handheld usability is not determined by how close it is to ANSI 10-finger physical layout.