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    Arch Linux On The Pandora

    Haven't tried this in quite some time now (life been too busy) but now that you've brought this back to the surface, I think I will try to take a crack at it soon.  Gotta get a few more things in my life a bit more stable, but I will be back to see how this is going and if I can help sometime...
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    Arch Linux On The Pandora

    things have been pretty quiet around this as of late. I have been too busy as of late to be of any help lately. Running your own business is definitely 2+ full-time jobs. Wejp has been pretty quiet, but I'm not sure as to why. I'd say contact him directly to see if he's made any progress or...
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    Ordering replacement parts

    I'm in the States...
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    Ordering replacement parts

    I've had my Pandora for close to a year now (I think, have horrible sense of time) and I'm suffering case cracks and such from an early batch of cases. Was wondering how expedient part replacement orders (even something like LCDs or buttons, etc) are in comparison to system orders... I'd rather...
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    SD Cards

    Can confirm Sandisk 64GB class 10 Ultra seems to work fine at a base level... haven't gamed or emulated off it yet... to be continued...
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    Release Updated Arch Linux Image Released

    Thanks for the update, wejp!!! I have been ridiculously busy with my new storefront (and trying to bring people in to get some sales going more consistently) so I haven't been as active around here as I'd like to be... but I just wanted to note that you might wanna get in direct contact with...
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    Release Arora Rift 32X

    Well, well, I was able to get in and buy the game, but I needed to install the real flash (couldn't use open-source equivelant) to navigate the site... it is what it is, I have my copy now... :P
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    Release Zaxxon Hotfix 7 Alpha 2 - Merry Christmas :)

    Thanks... like I said, I skimmed through somewhat quickly, so I'm not surprised that I missed that info.. also, thanks for the details, gotwake424... will be trying it out in the next week or less depending on freetime...
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    Release Zaxxon Hotfix 7 Alpha 2 - Merry Christmas :)

    Has this been released to be installed on SD yet? I skimmed through pretty quick, but didn't notice anything on that specific part of the topic...
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    that explains things... I am almost never around there and I don't get email notifications properly like I do here when someone posts on a topic I'm watching...
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    Help Needed Replicating Success Of Openpandora For A Netbook/laptop

    I will have to check out that link VERY soon...
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    Help Needed Replicating Success Of Openpandora For A Netbook/laptop

    fair enough... I consider them competition w/ each other and that is MY opinion of the two groups... You make good points about the topic in general.
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    still kinda quiet on this homefront... That's ok, it will come...
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    Help Needed Replicating Success Of Openpandora For A Netbook/laptop

    There is a startup I read about yesterday that is building a competitor to the raspberry pi that is supposed to be carrying A10's and being offered at $15US/each... Looking to see where this all goes...
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    Commercial Apps Now Accepted On The Repo

    interesting.... Intending on letting people know about this...