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    New rooms, updated cases

    How many really care about a international modem? I guess a maximum of 5 Pyra people have US and European mobile plans AND no other phone which they can use as a wifi hotspot. I am happy to be in the first 200.
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    Should I have received my final order eMail already?

    Number 165 orderd
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    Should I have received my final order eMail already?

    24. Nov. 2015, 290 EUR 19. May 2016 around 20:00, 330 EUR. Board number larger then 150. Feeling uncomfortable posting the exact number.
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    Should I have received my final order eMail already?

    I have used a 290 EUR voucher to buy a 330EUR voucher. However, I only ordered the 4Gb standard version. So I assume that this is my pre-preorder price. I am around number 160 so I am just a little excited as of yet.
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    Just a quick heads up

    I paid German VAT at the French Amazon. This way I got my Oculus Quest 2 way cheaper as the Frenchies have a way higher VAT then Germany :)
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    It's software this time!

    You should educate yourself instead of rambling on the Internet. Americans learn and use the metric system, but not officially. Wanna know why? It is too expensive to change it now. Billions of Dollars for street signs and so on. There is athe least one video on YouTube, I should know, because...
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    Latest update: Keymats are here, how strong will the logo plate be - and pretty cases.

    Sidetrack: It isn't possible to ignore moderators on this board. which is annoying.
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    Even more to see here (now)

    Maybe paying the extra 500 Euro should be considered. See page 40 "Holy Diver" and compare to page 24.
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    Keep cool!

    you maybe just trolling, but it looks like you omitted the word "slower" in your quote. Which would make your post not funny at all.
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    ... we're still alive!

    You should not expect to be able to use it in games. Recently, I played Kaboom on my Atari 800XL with a paddle. The precision you need is not doable with a volume wheel. From min to max, on the Atari, there are 229 values. You can not get this resolution with such a tiny wheel.
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    ... we're still alive!

    i had problems with the GP2x and was very happy that the Pandora had an actual vol me wheel wher I could turn the volume down to 0 and could then use my it in bed. So, I would be very happy if the Pyra would be the same, although it is not a dealbreaker for me.
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    Wishing you a very merry christmas with some short news!

    Maybe he was stoned? ;) Merry Christmas to everyone. BTW, I like these little English lesson. As long as no one is offended.
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    Get ready to rumble!

    Do not forget, if they deliver 100 per month you are looking at one year of waiting. (Not that I have waited 3 years for my Pandora :) )
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    Get ready to rumble!

    I am on board again :) Should be number order number 165 - just in case CraigX asks :P Deciding to order the Pandora back then took me some days because I was a student. Nowadays it is much much easier :)  
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    Parallel Production and new boards

    do you reremember the Pandora?  Someone in our midst sold one of the first ones for 1800 dollars when it was worth 300 dollars. I bet you someone wwould buy them off of me for 2500 if I would buy one for 2k  ;)