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    Bitte löschen

    Falls ein Mod hier vorbeikommen sollte: Thread kann gelösch werden!
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    Gp2x Review - In-depth At Pause Gaming

    What speakers are those? They're sweet.
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    Crap I just downloaded it and lost half an hour of my life! Shit that's addictive!
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    Happy New Year 2006

    Wow will you 2 shut up?!
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    Happy New Year 2006

    I went out dressed as B1 :D. Our groups theme was 80s cartoon characters, we had basically all the thundercats, he-man and me and a mate as bananas in pajamas. Twas a fun night :). (First post for a wee while B), hullo people.)
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    Sd Support And Remote Controller From Creator Of G

    Wow, this is pretty impressive! It's amazing what you come back to if you don't see the scene for a couple of months!
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    Just a quick hi, incase anyone reads this :D. Looks like there's been loads going on, can't wait to get a gp with an up to date smc in my hands. Confused on a couple of things though, what's the file archive finished news about? In airlie beach at the moment. Some lurverly ladies. And where...
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    Actually, yes I have :D. I'm in the terminal in Singapore waiting for my plane to Aus. It's been fucking beltin so far. And nah Rico, I'm not working at all. I've been saving for this trip for quite a while. Should comfortably have enough money. Thanks guys :D. I'll be traveling down the...
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    So today is the day I'm leaving for my gap year travels :D. Off to Singapore for a while, then Australia for a few months, then to New Zealand, then finishing off for a while in L.A. I expect I'll give the forum a quick check if I'm at a PC. See ya towards the end of the year fellers :)...
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    What Game Did You Play Last?

    On the gp, ghostbusters on frodo, but the last game I played would be ridge racers ds.
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    The Best Non-handheld Console?

    You don't have to have in on the HDD, you just need to have the cd ripped to a bin/cue. You can then burn that to a cd and play it off that. But I don't think you can put in origionals at the moment. I'm having troube getting an iso of tekken 3 converted and playing at the moment. Edit: I just...
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    Omar Nawaz Nicked A Tenner Off Me

    But it is an anagram of "Raw amazon". OMG, this guy is the reason the rainforests are dieing :(.
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    Im Looking For Eyetoy Drivers

    It's not an official function so it wouldn't be on the official site. Some clever people just hacked up some drivers. It's a really high quality web cam too :).
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    Health Project!!

    Maybe do dr. pepper, as your member title thingy suggests that's what you get your daily hit from at the moment?