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    Production Pyra photos/videos/thoughts thread

    @ToastBucket that was the most exciting video I’ve watched in a while! i3 is without question my favorite dm/wm to use on the small Pandora screen. I can’t want to try it on the Pyra.
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    It's software this time!

    I'm positive that I won't be one of those first 200, but I still can't wait to see them go out.
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    Production Pyra photos/videos/thoughts thread

    Agreed. No matter how "professional" the images and videos are, the time taken to demo progress like this is a treat and very appreciated.
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    Production Pyra photos/videos/thoughts thread

    Goodness. This is exciting.
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    USA lootings - Please stay safe

    I was born and raised in the Twin Cities and moved away a little over a year ago. All my friends have been caught up in it for the last 5 days. Unfortunately there is not much I can do besides donate to the various shelters that have been set up. I have friends driving across state lines to buy...
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    Beta ptitSeb's Beta Lair

    Yep that is pretty much what I realized last night. I thought godot was supposed to support both, so I imagined it was able to detect libGL or GLES and switch, but that isn’t how it works unfortunately. I thought I saw raspberry pi threads where people were using gl4es to run it, but haven’t...
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    Beta ptitSeb's Beta Lair

    Actually... Per this thread: Looks like for X11 builds Godot use openGL 2.1, so I will need to use gl4es if I don't want to manually try to tear everything apart. I switched to ES 2.0 with gl4es and I've gotten a window to open, but lots of...
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    Beta ptitSeb's Beta Lair

    @ptitSeb I was able to get Godot 3.2.1 to compile with CodeBlocks, but it is initializing gl4es and complaining about the OpenGL version being unsupported. I think Godot should support GLES 2.0, so I shouldn't need gl4es. Do you know the easiest way to link to the standard ES libs instead of...
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    Beta ptitSeb's Beta Lair

    Thank you.
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    Beta ptitSeb's Beta Lair

    Does anyone have the md5sum of the latest codeblocks pnd?
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    Beta ptitSeb's Beta Lair

    Awesome. I'm going to download and try compiling godot again.
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    Help wanted: BlueTooth Headset - no mic input

    I have found that after switching into HSP/HFP mode, many applications will need to be restarted before they recognize the presence of the mic. This includes electron apps like Slack or Teams as well as Firefox.
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    Terraria: Otherworld source code

    Supposedly Relogic canceled development of the game, but has agreed to release the source code if 100,000 signatures can be collected. Link the the petition.
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    Code::Blocks with C/C++ Compiler

    @ptitSeb Do you have a preferred method of launching the Dev command line from your PND while ssh'ing into the Pandora?
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    One PND a Day [Ended]

    @ptitSeb you are a rare talent. We have more new stuff to try than time to try it!