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    Cracked Case; Wasn't expecting it so soon.

    I'm somewhat worried and disapointed because of this charging, cracking, failing modem and heating problems that are plaguing the Pyra... So much even that I start to wonder whether it would be stupid of me to spend >750 euro on a device that seems flawed even before it is properly released...
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    Release Simsu

    It only grew... 100MB+ for sudoku is massive :P
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    Cracked Case; Wasn't expecting it so soon.

    tbh, after a closer inspection of above picture, the plastic along the whole edge looks brittle...
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    Bricking and Un-bricking the Pyra (Shorting VSYS to GND => Blue smoke)

    What an adventure... I start sweating only by the idea that it would happen to me...
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    Future of production past preorders

    Or better cooling? :P I still wonder whether I should be worried about this battery warming up...
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    Slugs Be Gone!

    This thread got me kinda worried...
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    Slugs Be Gone!

    Your tape pic scared me a bit but this looks better, that's on the inside of the case right?
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    Any Interest?

    To play? to finish? :)
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    Should I have received my final order eMail already?

    Are you waiting on some fixes or parts or something @EvilDragon ? Or are there other unrelated/undisclosed problems? I don't want to be or sound annoying but the output is <1 per day.. Production started somewhere around Christmas and we're almost half-way march now and not even 75 units have...
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    Which software do you miss on Pyra?

    That's what we were talking about XD
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    Which software do you miss on Pyra?

    It works on the Pandora so I guess Pyra should be possible
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    SID of the day :)

    If anyone is feeling creative... The rules are simple. Make an interpretation of, but add some melodies on top of what is there. No restrictions whatsoever except you need to add a lead melody. Sole judge is yours truly, if there...
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    SID of the day :)$Ziggy%27s%20Funky%20Booty%20Slappers/High%20Voltage%20SID%20Collection/MUSICIANS/C/Crowley_Owen/Midnight_Cruise_2SID.sid
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    Tea, Earl Gray, Hot , the big tread about your morning drink

    Switch on subtitles for the non dutch speakers